BSE stude is YMCA’s best, VP for Visayas

Deocarez srikes a pose with former Senator Joey P. Lina. Sen. Lina was one of the speakers of the youth congress.

Deocadez strikes a pose with former Senator Joey P. Lina, one of the speakers of the youth congress.

A Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Technology and Livelihood Education senior was chosen one of the ten outstanding delegates during the 41st Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Youth Congress and 21st YMCA Campus Club Adviser Seminar Workshop held on November 26-30, 2016 at Teachers Camp Baguio City.

Dominador P. Deocadez III was chosen from among the three hundred and twenty-one (321) student leaders  from thirty-nine (39) colleges and universities nationwide.

 Deocadez also brought honor to the University for being elected to one of the top posts of the organization. His laudable performance in the youth congress made him Deputy Speaker for Visayas in a no-contest election. Deocadez is the only representative from the Visayas cluster elected for 2017-2018 office.

The gentleman from Sara, Iloilo who currently serves as Governor for College of Education ISAT U Student Republic, was also voted by members of the Youth Congress Commission 6 as the group outstanding delegate.

The youth congress themed #CHANGE Towards Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development was focused on the practice of parliamentary procedures and was conducted in coordination with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) per Memorandum dated September 21, 2016.