GHG Inventory

Background and Rationale

The Philippine Climate Change Act (RA 9729) obliges all government entities including SUC’s like ISAT U to exert their best efforts to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation in their policies and development plans.
Hence, the conduct of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and related activities were included in the approved 2022 Quality Assurance and Review Form (QAR) of the University. The consolidated result of the university-wide GHG inventory is anticipated to support appropriate mitigation strategies in the future development plans of the University.
Entity level inventories e.g. ISAT U GHG Inventory and smaller scale sectoral inventories are deemed essential in their data contribution to the national GHG emission inventory.



  1. Establish a baseline profile for a university wide GHG inventory;
  2. Evaluate different possibilities for carbon reduction and make recommendations;
  3. Enhance knowledge and skill set of ISAT U stakeholders in reducing carbon footprint;
  4. Determine a framework in achieving carbon neutrality in the future.



Creation and approval of the GHG Inventory Program

Page 1 of Approved Activity Proposal on Greenhouse Gas Inventory Program

Creation and approval of the university-wide committee on GHG Inventory

    Page 1 of the Approved Committee on GHG Inventory Program

Training – workshop on biological sequestration


Workshop on Biological Sequestration: Measuring Tree Diameter and Height

Training – workshop on GHG Inventory Conducted by the Resource Persons from the Implementation and Oversight Division, Climate Change Commission

FROM THE LEFT: Joe Marie S. Francisco (Development Management Officer), Aimee S. Evangelista (Senior Science Research Specialist), Sandee G. Recabar (Division Chief, Implementation and Oversight Division), Alyssa Nicole P. Pogiongko (Development Management Officer), Jacinth Paul C. Apostol (Development Management Officer)

Asec. Romell Antonio O. Cuenca, Deputy Executive Director of the Climate Change Commission, delivered his message via Zoom during the first day (October 4, 2022) of Training on Climate Action and Sustainability — Photo by: The Technovator

Dr. Raul F. Muyong delivered his opening remarks on Day 1 (October 4, 2022) of Training on Climate Action and Sustainability: GHG Inventory and CCET Training-Workshops — Photo by: The Technovator

  Training on Climate Action and Sustainability Attendees for Day 1 (University Key Officials and GHG Inventory Teams) — Photo by: The Technovator

Training on Climate Action and Sustainability Attendees for Day 2 and 3 (October 5 and 6) — GHG Inventory Teams from five ISAT U Campuses


Data gathering on emissions and sequestration