Center for Industrial Products Development


Research Services Division (RSD) as center of excellence in science and technology researches.


The Research Services Division is committed to generating quality and relevant researches to improve the quality of life of the Filipino people.


  1. To facilitate the conduct of quality and relevant science and technology (S&T) researches and other creative works;
  2. To achieve and maintain standards of global academic and technological excellence by enhancing the researchers' capabilities;
  3. To provide a responsive research management support system;
  4. To disseminate and commercialize protected intellectual properties generated through research and development; and
  5. To satisfy quality monitoring requirements of various government and accrediting agencies.




F – Furistic            Answer the current needs of time

R – Relevant          Advance the developement of Science and Technology
                                 anchored to the research thrusts of the college

E – Enterprising –   Produce research outputs that have instructional and    
                                  commercial value

S – Sustainable     Multiplicable quality that is able to generate ideas

H- Holistic             Load to the total development of faculty, employees and
                                students, with and within WVCST community