Research Services Division (RSD) as the center of execellence in science and technology researches.


  • Curriculum and Instruction

    •  Instructional Materials Development, Teaching Effectiveness, Teaching and Learning Facilities, Evaluation, Tracer Study of Graduates.
  • Organizational and Management.
  • Industry-Related R&D's

    • Processes, Materials and Methods Baseline Data, Needs, Linkages, Facilities, Safety.
  • Health, Environment and Climate Change.
  • Food Sufficiency and Agricultural Products.
  • Gender and Development.
  • Programming, Web Designing and Language Development.
  • Robotics.
  • Alternative Energy.

RSD Advisory Council

Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut
Vice President for Research and Extension

Dr. Richard C. De Leon
Director, Research Services Division

Miss Lavinia B. Dulla
Statistician III

Miss Andrea B. Pama
Science Research Assistant


Center Chair Members
EDUCATION Dr. Georgia Demavibas Drs. Ma. Asuncion Echaveria, Carmen Cruzata and Eric Juaneza
FOOD PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT Dr. Frisan Causing Profs. Ma. Luz Valenciana, Novelita Belmes, and Medeline Subosa, Dr. Merlinda Tucar
ROBOTICS Engr. Norman   Mabalot Engrs. James Malunda, Naci John Trance, and Wilson Fullon, Dr. Gerry Rojo

Drs. Richard de Leon and Gerry Rojo
 and Engr. Arnel Jayme

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT Dr. Erman Gange Drs. Serge Valenciana and Gerry Rojo, Profs. Robert Guillergan,Dionisto Geloryao,Lino Baldevarona,Rene Celda,Carlito Porras, and Pacifico Senador
INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Engr. Gilmore Baldevarona Engr. Junnifer Badoles, Mr. Romy Lopez, Profs. Maureen Nette Linan and Lenny Amar, Ms. Joyce Jamile, Dr. Remia Doctora
SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH Prof. Grace Edmar Elizar del Prado Prfos. Roger Galvan,Emily dela Cruz, Andres Ortega, Annie Rose Santillan, and Ronnie Bautista.
NATURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Prof. Joselito Trandio P. Mendoza Profs. Milessa Arganoza, Rhea Ann Torres, Alma Mae Torremoro, Jasper Pastrano, Alan Munoz, Engrs.Nelson Gayapa, Dorothy Sorolla, Gloria Resano, Noemi Cordero and Benjie Delos Santos

Note: The research centers are in-charge of institutional (faculty, staff and students) researches.