Records Office

MAILA S. ALPARAQUE - Administrative Officer V
LV MAE F. CANCEL - Office Clerk


To ensure that through systematic and sound record in the creation, processing, maintenance, retention, destruction and preservation of records will bring about efficiency, promptness and accuracy in the delivery of management services to this institution to its clientele.


  • Printing of biometric DTR/computation of Tardiness/Undertime, Absences,
  • Updating Leave cards and submission of Report to COA/Accounting
  • Processing of Application for Leave/Form 6 of Faculty and Non-Teaching personnel
  • Computation of Service Credits and Compensatory Time off of Faculty/Non-Teaching Personnel
  • Updating of Records (201 files, Biometric DTR Personnel Info, etc.)
  • Filing of documents
  • Retrieval of documents in the Archive
  • Records Disposal


  • Maintain leave cards of faculty and employees. Every month the Administrative Officer checks and records absences and undertime of the following:
    1. Permanent faculty
    2. Non-teaching Personnel
    3. Substitutes (faculty)
    4. Contractual / Job Order
  • Plans, directs and supervises the activities of the Record Section, performing tasks such as receiving, releasing and processing of documents.
  • Assumes responsibility for the custody of official records and documents.
  • Do other function deem necessary for the operation of the Records Section.