After taking the qualifying exam and passing the final interview with the Toshiba Information Equipment ( Phils), Inc., 18 WVCST students qualified in the Toshiba Scholarship Award; 15 of which are from CEA, and 3 from CIT.

The company, Toshiba Information Equipment (Phils), Inc. will pay for the students’ annual tuition and miscellaneous fees. In addition they will also receive a monthly allowance of Php 3,000.00. However, they have to maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher (or its equivalent grade in school) per semester and with no failing marks in any subject. Furthermore, these students can also have the chance to get hired by the company upon graduating.

The College congratulates and is proud of the following students who are the recipients of Toshiba Scholarship Award.

1. Daguro, April Joy M. BSECE 2-A
2. Joven, Icon Mhyrel S. BSECE 2-A
3. Sanchez, Sherylyn G. BSECE 2-A
4. Sumalacay, Gia May S. BSECE 2-A
5. Chavez, Rashed R. BSECE 3-A
6. Cuñada, Rhavie Joy B. BSECE 4-A
7. Hismaña,, Rygilen E. BSECE 4-A
8. Paborito,Marvin S. BSECE 4-A
9. Reyes, Maricris S. BSECE 4-A
10. Umadhay, Jess Rey P. BSECE 4-A
11. Azunar, Fiji Marie B. BSECE 5-A
12. Balibado, Jeno Paulo L. BSECE 5-A
13. Condes, Ma. Helena T. BSECE 5-A
14. Gabrillo, Sheila V. BSECE 5-A
15. Silveo, Clarissa Mae B. BSECE 5-A
16. Parrel, Carl John A. BIT Electrical Technology 4-A
17. Palma, John Troy S. BS Electronics Technology 4-A
18. Valerta, Joseph S. BIT Electronics Technology 4-A

The students were awarded their scholarship certificates by Mr. Minoru Iriko of Toshiba Information Equipment (Phils) Inc. In connection with the scholarship program of Toshiba, a