WVCST produces 59 new license teachers

A total of fifty-nine (59) graduates from the College of Education are among the country’s newest teachers after passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for both the Secondary and Elementary levels administered last March 11, 2012 and released by the Profession Regulation Commissions (PRC) on April 23, 2012. Of the 59 new license teachers, 35 are graduates of BEED and 24 BSIE and BSED.

The 8 BEED first time takers registered a 100 per cent passing rate while the 27 repeaters who took and passed the said board exam got 87.10 per cent making WVCST garnered 89.74 per cent passing rate in the LET-Elementary Level.

In the LET-Secondary Level, the first time takers got a 76.19 per cent passing rate while the repeaters 17.78 with an overall performance of 36.36 per cent.