VPEA represents Phil. in Canada research visit

The delegates of the Community Engagement Workshop. L-R: John Telesford (Grenada), Dame Diop (Senegal), Khaled Grayaa(Tunisia), Jefferson Azevedo (Brazil), Daniel Labillors (Canada), Nehema K. Misola (Philippines), Alex Stephens, Pierre-Luc Gagnon (Canada) at Cegep de la Gaspesie et des Iles

Dr. Nehema K. Misola, Vice President for External Affairs and UNEVOC Center Coordinator, was the Philippine delegate in the 5-country Community Engagement Workshop held in Centre Des Congres de la Gespesie at Carleton Sur Mer, Canada on November 25 -30, 2017 and learning visits conducted at significant sites in Ontario, Canada on December 1- 10, 2017.

Funded by the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bonn Germany, the workshop was on the development of instrument for the approved research project on Community Engagement Initiatives of the Philippines, Grenada, Tunisia, Brazil and Canada.

Included in the activities was the presentation of community engagement initiatives and other research endeavors along Greening TVET Institutions of their respective countries and some highlights of accomplishments for the UNEVOC Centers.

Dr. Misola presented the  ISAT U initiative and explore possible collaboration on some research activities. During an Academic Partnership Meeting at the University of Waterloo -Waterloo Institute of Sustainable Energy (UW-WISE) at Ontario, Canada, Dr. Misola highlighted the ISAT U profile accomplishments in infrastructure development, instruction, and research and extension activities.

Dr. Nehema K. Misola with Mr. Mike Pereira, Manager of Business Development at the David Johnston Research +Technology Park’s Accelerator Center. The park is designed to accommodate 1.2 million square feet of office space on 120-acres (49 hectares), which house thousands of researchers, create new technology jobs, and generate billions of dollars in economic impact and is home to 175 innovative companies.  The Research + Technology Park have all the elements the students need to generate ideas for now and for the next generation. 

A private meeting was also arranged with a group of professors from UW. Dr. Misola, Dr. Bissan Ghaddar, Professor of Faculty of Engineering and Dr. Drew Knight, Director for Global Research Alliances discussed about the research activities of the University on Sustainable Development. Both parties discussed the areas of collaborations where the University of Waterloo and ISAT U will have mutual benefits. Strategic partnerships for projects on natural resources and energy are potential areas identified for joint research undertakings  should both parties agree to collaborate. Potential projects discussed aimed to conserve energy through greater efficiency, bridge supply and demand with better storage, transform energy systems through green technologies, enable smart policies and planning, deliver energy more intelligently and improve conventional generation method.

The study visit was focused on Education for Sustainable Development. The group toured the University of Waterloo South Campus to include Quantum NanoFab Facility, Earth Science Museum, Mineral Gallery, Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum Nano Center, Douglas Wright Engineering Building and the David Johnston Research and Technology Park which is a unique, community-based research and technology Park, whose mandate is to foster radical innovation.

Dr. Misola also attended the Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity Meeting. The Council is a federally incorporated non-profit organization that was formed by a group of volunteers to provide a platform for open public dialogue and a solutions-oriented approach to the challenges of the energy sector. Representatives from universities, public and private sector business leaders, and labour representatives have collaborated to broaden the public debate on energy issues.

Dr. Nehema K. Misola, attending the meeting by the local community leaders, owners of buildings and other establishments as they listen to the Keynote Presentation of Mr. Michael Brophy of the Ministry of Energy.

There was also a meeting and discussion with Mr. Allan Taylor, the Program Development Manager and Ms. Anna Marie Cipriani, the Sustainability Coordinator for Growth Management Integrated Planning and Public Works on Climate Action: Waterloo Region and Beyond.

With all the learnings and observations, Dr. Misola said that there are many opportunities to conduct research endeavors leading to sustainable development. Among her suggestions is the inventory of energy and water consumption as well as the carbon footprints of all buildings in the campus and develop a Long Term Energy Plan which will be included in the Development Plan. She also proposed university based projects that supports the Climate Action and Greening TVET Institutions such as community access bike share, save on energy home assistance, water efficient technology, public electric vehicle, energuide rating system evaluations and clean economy innovation hub.