Architect Marianne

It was in July 22 when the news broke and circulated on social media that an alumna from Iloilo Science and

Technology University secured a number one spot in the Architect Licensure Examination. The entire ISAT U community were all very delighted because in the history since the establishment of the institution this glorious moment is one for the books.

Let’s get to know who she is and who are the people who journeyed with her behind the spotlight.

“She is very hard-working and determined to do things that she really wants in life since she was a child. She would always put me and her father on top of everything!” Mrs. Anne Ofianga shared during an interview.


Mr. Marlo and Mrs. Anne Ofianga are the proud parents of the top-notcher and only daughter, Marianne Kaye Ofianga or Kaye as what they fondly call her.

“I was surprised when Kaye told me that she has her own money to spend for the review. I only found out that she’s been saving her daily allowance for her review and other materials needed in preparation for the examination,” Mrs .Ofianga added.

Kaye’s father is an OFW and has been away from them for almost 6 months. When she learned that her father’s request for work extension was declained, she was very happy because she will be able to celebrate her great success with her complete family,  her greatest treasure.

Kaye plans to pursue her further education and she would want her father to quit working so that he will have more time with them.

All the best, Ar. Marianne!