Medical / Dental

Robert S. Jacobo, M.D., F.M. - Medical Officer III
Remy P. Palomo - Nurse II
Reich Dexter A. Famucol - Nurse
Edna M. Sedonio, DDM - University Dentist II
Mary Jane F. Reyes - Dental Aide I

Medical Unit

Is just one of the several units comprising the SPSD situated at the Teacher Education Blg. RM: 104. The room is divided into four, the receiving room, the dental unit, the nurse room, that serve as the treatment and examination room and the Physician’s with a two bed capacity where patient can take rest. The unit is manned by two qualified officers, the physician and the public health nurse.

Services are given for free for the following patients:
• Students
• Faculties and employees
• As well as the community members

Services offered:
• Consultation treatments and follow-ups with free starter medicines
• Physical examination
• Blood pressure monitoring
• Minor operations
• Blood sugar determination
• Immunization
• Nebulization
• Health Lecture

Dental Unit
Is manned by the two personnel, the Dentist and the Dental Aide

Free dental services offered to the Students, Faculty and Staff as well as to the community such as:
• Oral examinations and consultations
• Oral prophylaxis
• Dental Extraction
• Dental restoration depending upon the availability of Machine and Dental materials/ Instruments
• Referrals of complicated case to other agencies
• Follow-up treatments
• Issuance of certificate as the need arises
• Community extension services