Cash Office

Mylene A. Cababasay - Administrative Officer V (Cashier III)
Lida J. Batuigas - Administrative Assistant V
Jennifer E. Alcudia - Administrative Officer I
Marie Faye J. Lubog - Administrative Aide III



  • Maintain Disbursement Books for Fund (101, RA8292, SMF, 163)
  • Maintain Cash Advance Book for Fund (101, RA8292, SMF, 163)
  • Prepare and submit Monthly List of Checks Issued for Fund (RA8292, SMF, 163, ETC, and 101)
  • Prepare Monthly report of accountability (Checks) for Fund (101, NFE, AP, CB, ETC, SMF, RA, CEA ICT, POS, RA8292, CICT, STUFAP, and 163)
  • Prepare Report of Disbursements for Fund (101, RA8292, SMF and 163)
  • Prepare liquidation of Petty Cash
  • Maintain Petty Cash Fund
  • Release Scholarships, honorariums, salaries and refund of students.
  • Encash all cash advances
  • Disburse Encash checks and petty cash fund
  • Request and receive bank statements from depository banks monthly.
  • Request and purchase accountable forms (Official Receipts and Checks)