Human Resource Department Office

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Duties and Functions:

  • Assist the University President in the development, formulation and execution of policies rules and regulations in all areas of personnel management in accordance with the civil service laws and rules.
  • Implement comprehensive and balanced personnel development programs designated to raise the level of efficiency, effectiveness and morale of the personnel in the University department or section and the commission of activities and development in these areas.
  • Establish a sound recruitment and selection system within the university and external campuses.
  • Administer the position classification and compensation system (as prescribed by the DBM) and other employee welfare programs.
  • Help create an atmosphere conducive to good supervisor-employee relations and improvement of employee welfare and morale and recognizes the employees’ right to self-organization.
  • Assist the department and agency in the development and implementation of performance standards evaluation systems and employee recognition programs.
  • Conduct exit interview of employee about to retire, resign, transfer or separate from any agency to obtain their suggestion and/or feedback on how to improve organization, productivity and performance.
  • Provide inputs in the development and implementation of human resource training and development programs.
  • Establish and administer a continuing employee suggestions and incentives training and development programs.
  • Maintain a complete and up-to-date personnel information system.
  • As the Bilis Aksyon Man in the Agency, perform the following (CSCMC #3, s. 1994)
  1. Attend to grievance of discourtesy and other similar acts reported by a transacting business in the office concerned. If the grievance cannot be resolved after exhaustion of all possible means, he should immediately refer the same to the CSC Field Office or the CSC Regional Director.
Mr Bonnie S. Arenal HRMO III (Head)
ALMA C. ESPORA - Administrative Assistant II