Office of the VPRE

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension is responsible for the following functions:

  • Manage and supervise the research and extension activities of the entire WVCST system;
  • Direct the flow and support of operational procedures in the conduct of research and extension
  • Lead reforms on research and extension that will redound to the improvement  of the delivery of the two functions of the college and promote its over-all development
  • Monitor and facilitate the development of the synchronized strategic plan as well as the action plan of the research and extension of the college for each year
  • Oversee the implementation  of  the approved action plan
  • Evaluate and review of the accomplishment reports of the research and extension  centers and units
  • Facilitate and consolidate the yearly  accomplishments of the college as input  to the plan of the succeeding years
  • Establish and maintain linkage with organizations on research and extension
  • Representing the college on research and extension related activities
  • Recommended and assist of the Office of the College President  in making appropriate actions in all matters related to research and extension
  • Propose new policies, rules and guidelines in research and extension
  • Implement and supervise approved  policies, rules and guidelines in research and extension
  • Other functions which are essential to the development of the college as directed by the Office of the College President.
  • Consult other VP Offices and the Office of the College President in making the final decision.


JULIUS CEAZAR G. DAGOHOY - Executive Secretary
GRETCHEN F. TAJA-ON - Administrative Staff