Office of the VPAA



Duties and Functions

  • Develops the master plan for academic programs and formulate corresponding, policies and guidelines for approval by the governing board.
  • Conducts academic program review and rationalize course offerings.
  • Provides support to the Deans in the curriculum improvement and development of new courses.
  • Initiates and undertakes activities that would keep the college abreast with the recent trends in the teaching-learning processess, reseach and educational technology.
  • Assesses and develops policies for long-range enrollment projection.
  • Promotes quality instruction and encourage educational innovations.
  • Works closely with the Deans to facilitate the accreditation of educational programs.
  • Performs financial analysis in relation to academic perspective and recomends budgetary allocation by courses.
  • Reviews the ranking procedures, appointments and promotions of faculty before submission to the College President for action.
  • Pursues faculty development programs through scholarships, trainings and seminars, industrial immersion and other related activities.
  • Strengthens the performance evaluation system of faculty members.
  • Formulates guidelines and rationalize faculty loading de-loading and non-teaching assignments.
  • Prepares school calendar and coordinate with the Deans/Department Heads on the preparation of class program schedule.
  • Implements program for authorship of books and development of curriculum materials.
  • Promotes and supports research activities as tools for achieving educational excellence.
  • Performs other jobs or tasks as the College President or Board of Trustees may assign as might rightly fall within the jurisdiction of the designation.
CORAZON C. CORBAL, Ph.D. - VP for Academic Affairs