WVCST Pays Tribute to VPAA

After 37 years of serving Western Visayas College of Science and Technology, Dr. Emma L. Paclibar, Vice President for Academic Affairs, bade goodbye to her duties and responsibilities as she enters her new life as a retiree. “Goodbye tension, hello pension.” This is how people should look at life after retiring from service –enjoyment with all the luxury of time to spend.

 However, according to Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr., College President, for him he feels a bit saddened that one reliable person in the administration will soon be away. On the other hand, he said, this is inevitable because everybody will be passing this way. Therefore, he said the celebration should be about camaraderie and friendship as well as reminiscing the happy moments shared together. He commended Dr. Emma Paclibar for doing an excellent job as she had served various jobs in the office, on stage, in sports and even in the kitchen. Dr. Sorolla also thanked her for all the golden moments they have shared,  wished her a great time after retiring and expressed his hope to see her in the campus every now and then for a visit.

Meanwhile, Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, VP for Research and Extension, congratulated “Ma’am Pacs” (as they often call her) for her retirement for not everybody can reach this stage of professional career. According to him, she is not only known as a colleague but as a mother, a teacher and most of all, a friend. She is a professional worker and a confidante of family matters and somebody whom you can laugh out loud with.  Dr. Ambut mentioned that there is a beauty secret that she and Dr. Ambut share that’s why she remains sexy and beautiful inside and out. He recalls her saying “Whatever the problem is, just keep on smiling.” And that he said, makes him really grateful about Dr. Paclibar. He added that it is not the existence in this world that matters but the memories that we left in the hearts and minds of people that we dealt with. With this, Dr. Ambut  assured her that she will always remain in their hearts. He also wished her a healthy life and a happy retirement.

Dr. Nehema K. Misola on the other hand said that in times of difficult situations “Nanay Emma” knows how to deal with stress by spending little money on a joy ride. She can be silly and at the same time honorable and prestigious. For her service comes from the heart and no matter what her position is but when called to serve, she can offer everything even doing the marketing for the school’s athletes. These and all the lessons in life that she taught and the other beautiful memories according to her would be forever remembered and would surely be missed. Dr. Misola expressed her thanks for all the experience they had together be it in academics or friendship and wished her all the best things in life.

Dr. Ely Siasico from Miag-ao Campus, gave the best qualities of Dr. Paclibar using her name – EMMA L. PACLIBAR.  

Dr. John Eric Juaneza , Head of the TLE Department appreciated, all the things they’ve learned from Dr. Emma Paclibar, saying that she didn’t instruct how to do things, instead she showed it to her subordinates and served as their role model.

Engr. Carlos Lusante, Dr. Emma L. Paclibar’s brother, talked about how determined she is in studying despite of their economic status. She served as a role model to her other siblings not only as a consistent honor student but as a good cook, a responsible sister and a good person teacher and civil servant. At the end of his speech, Mrs. Jessica Gensola was declared winner in the title making contest for the life story of Dr. Paclibar through the challenge set by Engr. Carlos Lusante.

A plaque of recognition was awarded to the honoree and gifts were also given as well as a sumptuous dinner was prepared for her in the celebration of her 64th birthday.

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