WVCST Conducts Disaster Preparedness Workshop

The WVCST Environmental Programs Disaster Risk Reduction Management on Conventional Safety and Health Standards Security and Safety Office conducted a workshop on Disaster Preparedness and Risks Reduction Management participated in by the College employees.

The workshop which was done on December 23, 2013, discussed safety practices and risks reduction in the workplace as well as environmental protection awareness. Engineer Christian Misola, the OIC Director of the said office emphasized that each one has a responsibility to strengthen the environmental programs of the school and the government because the results directly affect us individually. He added that it is essential to understand the rules and standards in risks reduction to avoid panic and the loss of control, property and life during disasters.


Prof. John Corona, who lectured on Disaster Preparedness, introduced and explained the different kinds of disasters as well. At the end of the workshop, an earthquake drill was conducted and was assessed.

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