WVCST Almost Ready to Celebrate

“We are 70 – 80% ready for the celebration of this year’s Foundation Anniversary.” This is the confident assurance of the chairman of the steering committee for the WVCST Foundation Anniversary, Dr. Russ Allen B. Napud, Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture. With only two weeks left, he reported that the budget for the said event has been approved by the College President, all committees have submitted their plan of activities and were already approved, and some of thesupplies were already purchased. “I’m happy to say that we are almost ready. All the committees are also busy preparing for this long week activity.”

The 108th Foundation Anniversary has a theme “WVCST @ 108: Pushing Through the Frontiers of Science and Technology,” which is carried on by the Academic Quiz as well as the Skills Olympics. According to Dr. Napud, aside from the one week event, there is a Pre-Foundation activity which is a 2-day Caravan, spearheaded by the Alumni. This covers the whole of Panay which will start on August 28, 2013 and ends the next day, August 29. The celebration starts on September 1, Sunday and finishes on September 7, Saturday. However, the Awarding Ceremony will be held on September 10, Monday.

This year’s event is a little different from what the College had last year, maybe a reason why the budget for 2013 celebration is much higher than last year. There are lots of new activities prepared for the 108th Foundation Anniversary such as the Literary Musical Contest and some new challenges in the Academic Quiz, as well as in the Skills Olympics. This year, the Pahampang will be introducing Boxing which is perceived to be a possible sport event for next year’s anniversary.

At present, Dr. Napud is only waiting for the specific program for each activity and though there may be some few problems in the procurement of supplies, he guaranteed that everything will be dealt with and won’t impede the affair.