WVCST Admin and SR Hold Consultative Assembly

WVCST Key officials, deans, head departments, administrative officers and some members of the faculty together with the Student Republic conducted a Consultative Assembly to maintain good relationship and to address the needs and problems of the students.

The College administration happily announced that students need not queue for a long time at the cashier to pay for their school fee balances. Instead they can already use the POS (Point of Sales) machine which can be found at the CEA and CIT offices. Students with bank accounts and credit cards can pay using this machine without any charges.


VP for Admin and Finance, Dr. Nehema K. Misola conveyed that as soon as the ICT Center is done, all the laboratory classes on IT will be transferred in that building to improve the internet connection. They also promised that the College will try its best to provide wifi connection for the students provided it won’t be used for watching pornographic videos nor use it during class hours. She also reminded the students to analyze real issues and must ponder on what the College can offer them especially on the quality of education they get and how to use this when they leave WVCST to get a job.

Delicate issues and matters regarding problems with some faculty members, school policy and facilities were properly discussed and addressed by the concerned teachers as well as by the College Officials. However, students were also encouraged by Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, VP for Research and Extension, to come up with proposals on research about science and technology to enrich their skills, at the same time uplift and live up to the name of the school being a forefront in science and technology. Dr. Misola agreed on this but also suggested on having remedial classes on language and mathematics.

The College President, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. challenged the students to be vigilant in exposing issues that the management needs to reckon with properly. They were urged to put things in writing and they must be able to support these complaints. Nevertheless, the President was happy that the students were able to present these things for the administration to be cognizant of the issues especially those that transpire inside the classroom. He promised to look into these problems and will be sitting with deans and department heads for solutions.

On his part, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr. was elated that the Consultative Meeting turned out successfully and hoping that this tradition continues and will bring positive end both for the students and the College.