ISAT U conducts series of orientation and dialogues with stakeholders

The ISAT University administration conducted several dialogues and orientation with stakeholders through Zoom and Facebook live.

First among the series is a systemwide orientation for first year students held last September 21, 2021. The activity highlighted the services of the offices like the virtual learning environment (VLE),

registrar, library, medical dental and the office of student affairs and services in anticipation of the usual queries and needs of those who are new to the University.

On October 4, 2021, another round of student – administration dialogue was initiated through the office of VP for Academic Affairs and Office of Students Affairs and Services. This is also a systemwide dialogue aimed at soliciting feedback from students and provide the administration the opportunity to address them.

The 3rd round of dialogue was in between the administration and the parents or guardians held last October 6. It was spearheaded by the Parents Affairs and Relations office and was designed to get valuable inputs from the parents on issues affecting them and their students. Most concerns delved on the use of the VLE, projects and requirements of students and availability of scholarships, etc.

On October 8, it was the turn of the faculty members    in the system to discuss matters of concern like schedules in holding synchronous classes, provision of additional communication allowance, and the possible holding of limited face to face classes as mentioned earlier by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Localized orientation programs were also conducted by various offices like the National Service and Training Program (NSTP), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Graduate Education Program, colleges and campuses.


A virtual onboarding activity for the newly – hired faculty members was held on Tuesday, October 12 via Zoom.

These dialogues are viewed as a feedback mechanism to effectively manage individual

and organizational issues and concerns. Some notable initiatives that came out from these dialogues include the construction of the access route (overpass), purchase of the University bus, provision of communication allowance for faculty members and the purchase of electronic gadgets for the students among others.