Gorriceta on Transparency and Success

“When there is transparency, there will be success“ a piece of advice based on his experience, by Congressman Arcadio H. Gorriceta of the 2nd District of the Province of Iloilo, as he congratulated Western Visayas College of Science and Technology on its 108th Foundation Anniversary. Congressman Gorriceta who was once a mayor of Pavia, shared his experience as a mayor which also gave honors to his hometown earning the award for Pavia as the Best Municipality in Good Governance and the Seal of Good Housekeeping.

Gorriceta explained that because of transparency, people will learn to trust the leaders especially when the main objective is service to the people and not one’s personal goals. Furthermore, when people learn to trust their leaders they will also be very cooperative. Therefore, when the leader and the subordinates work together, it leads to success.

Aside from the piece of advice, the Representative also expressed his 100% support to the College.

On the other hand the Administration also expressed their appreciation through a token to Congressman Arcadio Gorriceta for his time despite of having a busy schedule and prioritized WVCST.