Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr., WVCST College President was recently awarded by the World Education Congress Global Awards (For Excellence in Education, Leadership and Training) for his OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO EDUCATION in Mumbai, India.

Dr. Sorolla was commended by the World Education Congress for his leadership and contribution to the field of Education, thus making him a role model and a believer in change.

The World Education Congress Global Awards aims to recognize individuals and institutions with the best talent and highest standards, organized for a professional cause. The objective at core is benchmarking Educational Practices.

The World Education Congress is a meeting in which participants discuss evolving trends in education. They also examine modern as well as traditional knowledge system, explore on how education can help develop mental, emotional and physical skills to help facilitate personal excellence as well as psychological and socio-economic wellbeing that is being faced by the world now. Aside from networking opportunities, they also discuss unique in-depth approaches to understanding important academic issues that affect the viability of the institution. This year’s theme is “Teaching and Learning for Meaning in a Globalized World.”

Present during the Congress were Hon. Lee Ocran, Minister of Education of Ghana; Hon. Dr. Tim Gopeesingh , Minister of Education, Trinidad And Tobago; Hon. Magele Mauiliu Magele, Mminister of Education, Sports & Culture, Samoa and Hon. Mr. Aloizio Mercadante, Minister of Education, Brazil.