COE & Review Center Give Thanksgiving Celeb to LET Passers

            A week after the result of the Licensure Examination for Teachers was released, the College of Education together with the LET Review Center gave a thanksgiving celebration to the new teachers of WVCST as promised.

                Based on the PRC LET Result, there are 107 passers out of 130 examinees from the College of Education who at the same time chose to review at WVCST LET Review Center. With a percentile rate of 82.31%, the College was ranked as #8 in the Top Performing Schools nationwide from the national passing rate of 31.22% for BEED and 39.75% for BSED. Also, the LET Review Center was able to produce one reviewee from the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College who successfully ranked #10 in the September 2013 licensure exam.  All, first in the history of WVCST.

                This achievement which was described by Dr. John Eric V. Juaneza as once only a desired dream but now it is a dream come true.  For him, the good result of the examination is a contributing factor for the College to become a University. He is also very elated being the Director of the Review Center, that although the 10th placer of the LET is from NIPSC, the College Review Center was able to extend and share the expertise of its lecturers to him and helped him make it to the top 10.

                Dr. Ma. Asusina Asuncion E. Echaveria, Dean, College of Education expressed how proud the College of Education and the school are for this success and wished the passers good luck in the next endeavor and may they continue to work hard as they face their future.

                Likewise, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and at the same time College Administrator, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr., conveyed his happiness especially that this is the first time for WVCST to be in the top 10 performing schools. He reminded the passers that whatever they do or wherever they go they are bringing the name of their Alma Mater. Passing the board exam he said is just the new beginning of the new horizon of their profession. “Continue dreaming, but for your dreams to come true dedicaton, hard work and commitment to your job is a must. Self confidence, motivation and determination are your best weapon in order to be successful in your chosen profession.”

                On her part, the VP for Admin and Finance, Dr. Nehema K. Misola commended the passers especially for uplifting the name of the school in the result of the examinations. She advised them that attaining their goal, they have to go out and multiply. They have to show what they have learned and what they can do as graduates of WVCST. “You will become the living testimony that WVCST exists. Passing the board, makes us parallel as teachers and professionals. However, you have to walk your talk. It is not just enough that you have passed the exam and you know all the theories. You have to show what you’ve got and have that commitment, perseverance, hard work and dedication so that the College can be proud of you. You have to model the truth and what is right and tell the world we are worth to be called a University.”

                Also present in the Thanksgiving celebration was Gerald B. Batarlan, the 10th placer in the Licensure Exam from NIPSC whose success story touched everyone in the room especially when he said that “I’m not intelligent, I am only diligent . . . and even people looked down on our status in life, I was determined to study hard because I can see how my parents strive just to send us to school.” He inspired the passers by saying that poverty should never be considered an obstacle in attaining one’s dreams.

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