CIT’s Skills Olympics 2023 A Come Back: Showcasing Student Talent in Science, Technology, and Innovation

Spirit of competition and innovation rekindled as the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) hosted the return of Skills Olympics 2023 on September 8, 2023, following the pandemic hiatus. Housing the majority of trade courses in the University, CIT signifies that the event is the resurgence of an avenue that promotes the essential skills of students.

According to Dr. Rene L. Celda, CIT Dean, the event offers students the opportunity to exhibit their proficiency and expertise in a variety of vocational and technical fields. “This competition allows students to demonstrate their skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, giving them a chance to shine in their chosen trades,” said Dr. Celda. In a dazzling display of talent, innovation, and sheer determination, participating students put their skills to the test in a multitude of disciplines in the event with the theme, “Building the Future Through Science, Technology, and Innovation”.

Students compete in 26 different categories which include live sketching, portraiture, and a painting skills contest, emphasizing the importance of aesthetics and precision in design. The AUTO CAD 2D Drafting Skills Contest tested the student’s ability to translate their creative visions into detailed, two-dimensional drafts. In Electrical Technology, students demonstrated their prowess in Industrial and Commercial Wiring Installation. While Electronics Technology contestants fine-tuned their skills with precision and expertise in the Audio Set-Up category. Sparks were brought to the event as Welding and Fabrication Technology enthusiasts showed their mastery of the GAS Metal Arc Welding Process. Contests like Plate Welding 1G and Plate Welding 2G challenged the students to create strong, lasting connections through their craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, students in Automotive Technology illuminated their proficiency showcasing mastery of the automotive lighting system, alternator, and starter motor technologies. At the same time, the HVACR participants demonstrated their expertise in Commercial Air-conditioning Installation and Commissioning.

The competition continued as Hospitality Management and BIT Food Technology showcased the culinary and service excellence of students through the Fruit and vegetable Carving, Bartending, and Napkin Folding contests. While, the BS in Tourism Management participants redefined how to explore and understand the world, offering a glimpse into the future of tourism in the Virtual Tour Guiding category. Entrepreneurial aspirations also came to life in the BS Entrepreneurship segment with the Video Advertisement Competition.

Cosmetology Technology pushed the boundaries of beauty standards paving the way for new trends in the industry, students demonstrated their expertise in the art of beauty through commercial makeup for women and creative nail art. Fashion and Apparel Technology enthusiasts exhibited their talents through draping online models, while the Fashion and Design Merchandizing participants were challenged to express their creativity through conceptual fashion illustrations. The Computer Technology segment played a pivotal role in shaping the future through digital art, web design, and computer programming. Completing the contest categories are the Civil Technology contestants in carpentry and plumbing, ensuring that the infrastructure of the future remains robust and reliable.

The Skills Olympics’ return is not just a competition but a testament to resilience and adaptability. It reaffirms the college’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and preparing students for successful careers in trades that are fundamental to society. As students compete and exhibit their skills, they contribute to the ongoing growth and development of these vital sectors, ensuring that excellence in trade remains at the forefront of the future.