CIT – Pahampang 2013 Champ

            After winning almost all the sports in Pahampang 2013, the College of Industrial Technology was declared the Over-All Champion. CIT dominated the games such as Lawn Tennis Men, Football, Basketball, Sepak Takraw Women and Combative Sports. With an over-all score of 246 points, CIT made it to the top.

                The 1st runner up was obtained by the College of Engineering and Architecture with 222 points, winning the games in Badminton, Volleyball Men and Sepak Takraw Men.

                The College of Arts and Sciences with a total score of 154 points was awarded 2nd runner up while the College of Education is3rd runner-up with 107 points.

                The following is the Official Result of Pahampang 2013. Congratulations to all the winners. However, for the non-winners, better luck next time, but still a big Congratulations to you for doing your best and for making WVCST 108TH Foundation Anniversary a success. Kudos to all!