114th Foundation Anniversary Highlights



A time for bonding and camaraderie, the faculty and administrative personnel from different campuses savor the moments of togetherness in the Faculty and Employees Federation, Inc. (FEFI) Day.

A day of fun, stress free and away-from-computer-and-classroom activities, the faculty and staff bond together regardless of their campus and work.

The faculty and staff enjoy the Patintero, Videoki Contest and the Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race made the representatives from different campuses connive with each other to finish the task assigned in every station. Aside from jumping ropes and face painting, the players also expanded their network of friends from other ISAT U campuses.

The Patintero, a Laro ng Lahi, made the faculty and staff remember their youthful days. Before the students, the professors and employees tried to revive the native game that are slowly brushed aside by modern gadgets and smart phones.

A modified Videoke Challenge was another new to a lot of ISAT U employees. No need to get a perfect 100 to win; just hit or get near the designated score and you pocket home the prize.

The sharing and giving during the community luncheon brought the members of FEFI closer and made their bond stronger.

The faculty of the College of Education entertains their co-employees. The COE Dancers are the champs of the Retro Dance Contest during the Testimonial Dinner.


One of the major activities of the celebration is the Federated Alumni Day.

Atty. Leo S. Sombiro

During the opening program, Dr. Raul F. Muyong reiterated that the Alumni is one of the major stakeholders of the University. He considered them as “the number one marketer of the University in the global society and partners in the development of ISAT U.”

Federated Alumni President Atty. Leo S. Sombiro acknowledged the role of the Alumni Association in promoting the University,  “The alumni is the major stakeholder of the University; we are the people who is outside looking inside of our Alma Mater, we are actually the Ambassadors of the University because what we exhibit outside of the portals of our Alma Mater reflects the image of ISAT U.”

He also expressed joy of what the University has achieved, “I am very happy that the impression and the image for ISAT U has radically change, we are now being looked up by other people as a booming university. “ Atty. Sombiro also welcomed the challenge to level up ISAT U.

One of the highlights of the day is the turning over of a school bus to Miagao Campus. The acquisition of the 3.6 million pesos school bus donated by Vallacar Transit  is one of the major achievements of the Federated Alumni Association. The donation was through the efforts of Alumni Class 81.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong and Atty. Leo S. Sombiro lead the turn-over ceremony of the school bus donated by Vallacar Transit to ISAT U Miagao Campus.

The University is currently organizing new chapters of the alumni. “This is to strengthen the local chapters before reaching out to other areas,” said Dir. Luz F. Cabalfin of the Office of Alumni Affairs. The new chapters are CAS Alumni, CEA Alumni, CIT Alumni, COE Alumni and High School Class 89. Officers of the five new alumni chapters were also inducted into office.

The alumni renewed their friendship and reminiscence the good old days through parlor games, ball games and team building activities.

The alumni test their skills in the different games and activities.