Student-Administration dialogue conducted

A Student-Administration Dialogue sponsored by the Student Republic (SR) was held last Oct. 5 at the Ed Tech Center. 

The dialogue was held in order for students to have a venue to raise and clarify some issues  and concerns from the administration.

The Administrative Council and student leaders coming from the different organizations of the university attended the activity. 

In his welcome remarks, Dr. Raul F. Muyong, University President, encouraged the students to voice out their thoughts and concerns about issues that are of importance to them. He also emphasized that they are not there to defend themselves, but to listen instead with the suggestions that they might give for the improvement of the services the university can offer to them.

“Students are one of the most important stakeholders in this educational institution,” Dr. Muyong stated in his welcome speech. Along with the university president, members of the Administrative Council also answered every sentiment, feedback and question raised by the students.

In answer to the query of the adminstration's plan for the marine engineering students, the administration informed the students that additional simulators will be procured. 

The dialogue also answered questions on the implementation of  K-12.

As inquired by most students, Dr. Muyong made it clear that SUCs are not mandated by law to offer Senior High School (SHS) Program but would support DepEd in its implementation of K-12. The university will partner with DepEd schools that would like to have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with ISAT U.  

Dr. Muyong said that in preparation for the transition to the K to 12  system next year, the university will expand its curricular programs. He also gave his plans for the faculty members without loads during the two-year transition: faculty members without doctorate degrees will be sent for further studies while shop teachers for industry immersion. He would also see to it that General Education (GE) teachers will be able to teach subjects in a specific discipline.The university will coordinate with DepEd for GE teachers to be sent to  partner high schools like Iloilo National High School as a way of supporting them to continue their loads.

 “Tuition fees would not increase because of K-12,” Dr. Muyong  emphasized during the dialogue. He also added that the university will still accept first year students.  By year 2018, however, all those who  failed to enroll in 2016 will have to enter senior high school, which is a major requirement for students to undergo college.

Aside from these issues, there were also discussions about flooding, payment at the cashier's office, defective electric fans and other facilties, attitude problems of some faculty and staff, laboratoryequipment and fees, school uniform, scholarship allowance, ambulant vendors, use of social media by students, etc. These were answered and resolved by the administration.

After bringing out the issues on the departments involved, the forum ended at 11:30 a.m.