Solidarity Meeting for Pahampang 2013

To make sure that everything is accurate and ready for the Pahampang 2013, a solidarity meeting was conducted in the covered gym. This event intends to discuss the guidelines of the games – team sports, individual and dual sports as well as the parade that will kick off at Jaro Plaza on September 2, 2013.It was discussed that students who are not directly involved in the Pahampang, may not join the parade and instead they have to proceed to the field or covered gym to prepare for the Concelebrated Mass and other activities that will follow.

It was also emphasized that the deadline of submission of the list of players is on August 30. Since it was a debatable topic, they encouraged the sports managers to follow that deadline to avoid problems. One issue that was brought up in the said meeting was about varsity players from 2nd year to 4th year who aren’t allowed to join the games. It was clarified that only the freshmen who started this school year can play and not those who shifted to another course and became freshmen in the new college or department. It doesn’t also matter whether he has joined meets or Palarong Pambansa as long as he is a varsity player from the 2nd year or any other higher years. This rule was already agreed in the previous meetings therefore it has to be followed. Eventually everybody agreed on this but this rule might be contested next year. On the other hand, though it will only be an exhibition, boxing in this year’s Pahampang is an event to look forward to because there are many events in the boxing category. If it is successful, it will be included in next year’s sports events.

The Solidarity Meeting was headed by Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr., College Administrator, Dr Russ Allen Napud, Dean, CEA and Over-all Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Foundation Anniversary, Dr. Leomar de los Santos, Over-All Chairman of the Pahampang 2013 and Dr. Georgia Demavibas, also a Committee Chairman of Pahampang 2013.