HRT Service Center Preliminarily Opens

                The WVCST HRT Service Center is now preliminarily open for business for its employees and faculty. It is serving breakfast and lunch and the mini hotel is also accommodating guests especially those coming from the College and guests with official business with WVCST.

                In an interview with Prof. Madeline Subosa, she emphasized that though the HRT Center is not totally finished yet, it serves breakfast and lunch to the faculty and staff in the most affordable cost. Students are also welcome except for breakfast. However, for the hotel guests and walk-ins, there is a different rate charged to them. The same is followed for the room rates in the mini hotel. Excluding breakfast, a 20% discount is given only to the employees and faculty members who want to stay in the hotel. This discount can be claimed by filling up the forms and presenting their identification cards (IDs).

                The mini hotel has 7 rooms, 5 of them are for single occupancy while the two others are for double occupancy. The room rate is the same for all the rooms which is for Php1, 000.00 per day. For the single occupancy, there are 2 single beds if ever 2 people will share the room but each occupant will be charged of Php500.00.

                There are also 2 function rooms, 1 for small meetings and the other can accommodate 100- 120 guests which costs Php4, 000.00.

                HRT students who are having their OJT man the housekeeping and they also assist in the mini restaurant together with 1 job hired- employee.

                As soon as the HRT Service Center is totally finished, it will open its doors not just to local guests but as  well as to those coming from other cities and even to foreign tourists.

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