College Holds Food Products Dev Summit

To improve the food technology of WVCST, an assembly of all the faculty teaching the Food Technology courses in the WVCST system was held on August 22. Some of the objectives of the said summit were to orient food technology faculty –researchers of the R & D programs, projects, activities and policies of the Center for Food Products Development, commit researchers on the R & D program as well as to develop relevant concept papers. Participants also brought with them the list of matured food technologies from the accepted recipes of the undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty R & Ds for their input.

Topics discussed in the training were the NEDA R&D, DOST, WVCST R& D Administrative Concerns, the R&D Programs of the Center for Food Products and Development, sample problem-solution approach in the conduct of Food R & D and the methodology in the conduct of food product R&D. A workshop on concept paper was part of the activity which was later presented and discussed to the group. The summit also talked about Technology Landscaping and Technology Transfer and the business policy on ISUY Bakery. An open forum on the future of food products development at WVCST was also held including spin off, start up, license and franchise which was done through the help of the facilitators.

Spearheading the training was Dr.Carmelo V. Ambut , VP for Research, Dr. Richard de Leon, Director, RSD and Dr. Frisian Y. Causing, Chairman, Center for Food Products and Development.