45 faculty members attend MMP

A total of  45 faculty members from the  Iloilo Science and Technology (ISATU)-La Paz and the External Campuses  attended the “Mentoring the Mentors” Program (MMP) last October 26-28, 2015 at the Ed Tech Center.

The three-day MMP was conducted in partnership with the Foundation for Worldwide People Power Inc. (FWWPPI) and Marie Eugenie Institute Inc. The program aims to create an Education Revolution in the Philippines by empowering teachers to become effective and passionate agents of change  through the adoption of the mentoring approach towards students, teachers and staff.

As a jumpstart topic in the seminar, Ms. Lilia G. Ramos, MMP Regional Trainer, discussed the current crisis of Philippine education. The Bologna Accord, an agreement to reform higher education among several countries and which does not recognize Philippine diplomas, was given emphasis. This topic led to the essentiality of mentoring teachers.

Another discussion that was emphasized during the workshop was the “akin” and “atin” mentality. Ms. Ramos explained that “akin” mentality refers to the self-interest that is detrimental to the greater good. The “Akin” mentality, on the other hand, is a gratuitous service that seeks to contribute the greater good.



The three-day workshop also taught participants to opt for qualitative approach rather than the quantitative approach. This portion of the seminar explained that most instructors fall into a trap of having voluminous materials ending up missing out the most crucial concepts to teach.

MMP also enlightened participants about mentoring roles and practices, character value and information, active teaching and learning strategies and building win-win relationships among students and teachers.

At the end of the workshop, the participants enriched their action plans as part of their teaching practices.