Internal Audit Services Office

ERIC JAN G. PUGA, CPA - Internal Auditor III, OIC-Office of the Internal Auditor V
SHELLA S. SUAREZ, MMBM Internal Auditor I
JOANA MAIKO R. ACOSTA Internal Auditing Assistant


Functions of Internal Audit Services

  1. Advice the Head of Agency on all matters relating to management controls and operations audit to ensure an efficient, effective, economical and ethical administration.
  2. Conduct management and operations performance audit of the functions, programs, projects activities with , outputs of the University, and determine the degree of compliance with the mandates policies, government regulations, established objectives, systems and procedures/processes and institutional obligations.
  3. Review and appraise systems and procedures/processes, organizational structures, asset management practices, financial and management records, reports and performance standards of the University and its campuses.
  4. Analyze and evaluate management deficiencies and assist top management by recommending realistic courses of action.
  5. Perform such other related duties and responsibilities as my be assigned or delegated by the Head of Agency of the Governing Board or as my be required by law.

Objectives of Internal Audit Services

  1. To promote Good Governance by upholding professional integrity, honesty, objectivity and diligence in the performance of duties and responsibilities.
  2. To ensure that the agency operations, programs and projects comply with existing laws, policies, programs, rules and regulations
  3. To maintain independence in judgement and principles in appraising and reviewing that activities and operation of the organization as service and management.
  4. To regularly review and evaluate the agency internal control system, and provide necessary recommendations to the top management audit to ensure an efficient, effective, economical and ethical administration.