GS Curricular Programs

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) major in Educational Management

                       Educational management is broader and more general than educational administration. This graduate degree program shall therefore provide courses that will train managers who shall be responsibe in the management of public and private schools as well as vocational and technological activities which are primarily vital to our economic and social development.

Doctor of Industrial Technology (DIT)

                         Industrial technology is a rapidly expanding knowledge-based program, specializing on a wide variety of professional fields. This program includes technology, trade and industrial education, technician education institutions, and industrial training and technology transfer.

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)

                         The Master of Science in Computer Science is designed to provide advanced knowledge in the field of computer science and information technology that will support productive employment, research and basis for life-long learning in the field of computing.

                         List of Subjects for MSCS

Master of Science in Industrial Arts (MSIA)

                        This prgram has an mission of orienting teachers of industrial arts in the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels on advanced skills and abilities in the different areas on industrial arts as: General woodworking, general metalworking, general electronics, ceramics, graphic arts and printing, home industrial and general repair and maintenance.

Master of Industrial Technology (MIT)

                       This program is envisioned to produce professors/managers which the industry needs in implementing, operating and improving system of machines, processes, materials as well as human, financial and energy resources. The focus of the program is in the integration of technological management knowledge with leadership skills in managing and supervising production in the manufactoring and processing industrial to archieve the desired goals effenciently and effectively with concern in the environment.

                List of Subjects for Master of Industrial Technology (MIT)

Master of Arts in Mathematics (MAMath)

                     The Master of Arts in Mathemtics program is an ideal vehicle for a student with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and related courses who wishes or is eager to lern more on mathematical concepts and techniques. This is designed for those who are interested in strengthening their understanding of mathematics and enriching their mathematics teaching.  It provides students ample opportunity to learn concepts, techniques and arts in areas of mathematics applicable to science and education.

Master in Practical Arts

                     This program is intended for work Education/Practical Arts teachers in the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels of our education system. The concern of this program are as follows: (a) agriculture arts courses (agronomy, horticulture and animal husbandry); (b) business and distributive arts (office practice, bookkeeping, business management); (c) homemaking rts  (handicraft girls, foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles); (d) industrial arts courses (handicraft, graphic arts and ceramics, general shop); and (e) fishery arts courses (fish capture, fish culture nd fish preservation).

Master of Science in Home Economics (MSHE)

                     This course is intended for home economics teachers in the elementary, secondry and tertiary levels. The purpose of this course is to provide yeachers advance and relevant skills needed in the teaching of Home Economics, particularly on Human development and Family, Home Management and Family Economics, Foods and Nutrition Education, Arts and Crafts, Clothing and Shop Management And Administration and Supervision of Home Economics program.

Master of Science in Industrial Education (MSIE) major in:

  • Educational Management

                                 The program is designed to promote the professional development of educational administrators with both basic and advanced training in managing schools asto projects nd activities relevant to national development. It will likewise provide school administrators and managers the opportunity to enrich their potentials in order to have that type of leadership that is responsive to the needs of individuals and society. The School of Graduate Studies expects this program to contribute directly for the improvement of the administrative leadership of administrators more specifically on their performance in the promotion and implementation of the government's educational thrusts and projects in a system's approach of management.

  • Drafting Technology

                                  Drafting technology at the masteral level is offered to drafting teachers in trade-technical schools to improve their skills or expertise in thecourse. This is also intended for draftsmen working in industry to provide them advanced skills in the form of new designs, techniques and processes involved in drafting technology.

  • Auto-Diesel Technology

                                 This program is designed to provide industrial teachers and technicians the opportunity to improve their skills and expertise in auto-diesel technology. It offers subjects that will have more concertration on additional acquisition of latest knowledge and manipulative skills required in performing operations and demonstration activities.

  • Electrical Technology

                                This program is designed to provide industrial techers and technicians the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in electrical technology. The graduatesof this program my seek employment in the tertiary level to train prospective technicians who will be effective, service-oriented and production-conscious leaders in the school and industries.

  • Electronics Technology

                                 This program is designed for industrial teachers and technician in industry so they can pursue advanced studies in the rapidly processing field of electronics. Graduates of this program may be employed as teacher-trainees for the skills development of technicians in order that they can become offective, service-oriented leaders in this field. This program will also provide skills on reasearch and development of electronics gadgets, devices nd facilities for use in the home and community.

  • Machine Shop Technology

                                  This program will answer the needs of technician teachers and industrial workers who have been complaining that most master's degree courses are on the acquisition of the latest knowledge and manipulative skills required in performing operations, research project as well as demonstration activities on machine shop technology.

  • Curriculum Management

                                 This course is intended for graduate of the eduation program who wish to pursue further eduation and training in curriculum management. The program will enable teachers to acquire skills, knowledge and information bout the theories and principles in curriculum development, related theories of learning and other aspects of curriculum development.