GS Admission Policy

A. Admission Requirements for Doctoral Program
            The applicant must:

        1. Have completed a Master of Arts/Science program in the following courses:

Master’s degree in Education, Industrial Education with major in Educational Management, Practical Arts, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Business Arts, Fishery Arts, Agricultural Arts, Foods and Nutrition, Garments Technology, Automotive Technology, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Electronics/Electrical Technology, Machine Shop, Drafting Technology, Civil Technology and other related courses.

B. Admission Requirements for the Master’s Program                                                                              The applicant must:

1.Have completed a regular undergraduate program in the following courses:

Bachelors degree in Education or Industrial Education with concentration in Practical Arts, Home Economics, Agricultural Arts, Business Arts, Foods and Nutrition, Garments, Cosmetology, Automotive, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Electronics, Machine Shop, Drafting, Civil Technology and other related courses.

2. Have a general weighted average of 2.0 or B in the undergraduate program. Those with a lower general average may be allowed to enroll as special students whose admission to the graduate program will depend upon the quality of their performance after 15 units of graduate work.

3. Have proficiency in English language both oral and written.

4. Have a pleasing personality and with good moral character.

5. Pass the admission test and personal interview.

C. Degree Requirements for the Doctoral Program

 A total of at least 66 units including dissertation is required for a doctoral student to earn a degree in Doctor of Education major in Educational Management and Curriculum Management.