Activities /Project

SA LUY-A kag KALAWAG  MASANAG ANG BUAS DAMLAG : Sustaining the Ginger and Turmeric  Industry and Building  Resilience  among Men and Women of Brgy.Cabilao Grande, Carles, Iloilo

  • Iloilo Science and Technology University together with College of Arts and Sciences – Natural Science Department, Dr Alan N. Muñoz – Project Leader, Dr. Alma Mae S. Torremoro – Assistant Project Leader and faculty members, Dr. Adrienne D. Veloso – Director of Extension Services Division, and Gender and Development office was welcomed by Hon. Siegfredo A. Betita, Mayor of Carles and Mr. Normeo De Los Santos, Brgy. Captain of Brgy. Cabilao Grande.

  • The Natural Science Department scanned the community and verified its baseline survey in Brgy. Cabilao Grande and Brgy. Cabilao Pequeno, Carles, Iloilo. It was discovered in Brgy. Cabilao Grande that there is an existing  ginger and turmeric tea making industry.  The current problem is that they do not have a consistent supply of ginger and turmeric, and their finished product is only sold in the local community.

  • Although the community manufactures “salabat” and turmeric tea, they lack the raw material’s sustainability. The Natural Science extension group will introduce proper propagation techniques for ginger and turmeric planting/production because their soil conditions are not best suited for the growth of these root crops, standardize the tea-making process, and improve the packaging of their tea products so that they can be sold on a large-market scale.

  • The three-day day program aims to discuss on how to cultivate and propagate ginger and turmeric using suitable methods, regulate the production of tea and evaluate the nutrient benefit of it, enhance the quality of packaging and assist them promote the tea product and develop resiliency among men and women in the age of the new normal. The said activity was held in Brgy. Cabilao Grande Gym from November 21-23, 2022.

  • Dr. Adrienne D.  Veloso welcomed the KKK officers (Kilusan ng mga Kababaihan para sa Kaulnlaran) followred by the discussion of Rationale of the Project and Program Activities discussed by Dr. Alma Mae S. Torremoro. Dr. Reah Ann Torres have introduced the Natural Science Department Extension Implementors and Prof. Michelle Yabut introduced the resource persons. An interactive discussion was held and speakers have discussed different topics. Dr. Frisian Causing on Process of Standardization, Prof. Joebert Gagante on Ginger and Turmeric Production, and Dr. Ma. Cora E. Biton on Marketing.

11th PASUC VI-EMC REGIONAL EXTENSION SYMPOSIUM AND GENERAL ASSEMBLY – “Advancing the Role of Extension Implementers Amidst Adversities towards Sustainable Development”

  • Iloilo Science and Technology University alongside with Dr. Adrienne D. Veloso Chair of PASUC VI-EMC with her officers, joins PASUC IV-EMC REGIONAL EXTENSION SYSMPOSIUM AND GENERAL ASSEMBLY, held in AGM Hall Sunn Hotel, NONESCOST Sagay City, Negros Occidental (November 8-10, 2022)

  • The three-day activity was held at Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology (NONESCOST), Sagay City. For the 11th regional symposium and general assembly, the EMC is bringing together SUC extensionists under the topic “Advancing the Role of Extension Implementers Amidst Adversities towards Sustainable Development”, which is anticipated to further discover the role of extensionists, particularly during the most difficult period for achieving real development.

  • This activity seeks to promote discussion among SUC extensionists and to benefit from one another’s experiences in implementing extension projects. Additionally, it aims to support member state universities and colleges in the development of guidelines and regulations for extension program and services. Additionally, it intends to develop workable plans and strategies for fostering collaboration between PASUC VI member institutions in operational training initiatives and professional support services.

  • 17 participants from different SUC extensionists have participated in the said activity. The Extension Services Division (ESD) of Iloilo Science and technology have presented their entries in following categories: Education and Humanities –  titled as “Rank-Up: English Proficiency and ICT Training for DepEd Teacher Aspirants”, was presented by Miss Joan Nacita of Iloilo Science and Technolgy University Miag-ao Campus. Health and Environment – titled as “Development Plan for Education of Bulabog Pulutian National Park”, presented by Dr. Corazon Corbal and authored by Dr. Corazon Corbal, Engr. Adrian Pillano and Arch. Jay Lloyd Carnaje of Iloilo Science and Technology Univesity Iloilo Campus. Agriculture/Fishery/Livelihoodtitled as “DUMANGAS BUILDERS FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT”, authored and presented by Ms. Roshin B. Quitor of Iloilo Science Technolgy University Dumangas Campus.

  • An award was given to Dr. Corazon Corbal for placing 2nd in Education and Humanities category, the paper entitled as “Development Plan for Ecotourism Program of Bulabog Putian National Park.

  • PASUC has always been the center of coordination between and among State Universities and Colleges with government and private agencies, both local and international. It represented State Universities and Colleges on various meetings, invitations and working committees.

BIT Automotive, HVACRT Technology and Graduate Program of the College of Industrial Technology initiated the skills training to the personnel of 6th FSSU, ASCOM of Philippine Army.

  • The BIT Automotive, HVACRT Technology and Graduate Program of the College of Industrial Technology initiated the skills training to the personnel of 6th FSSU, ASCOM of Philippine Army. The training aims to train the participants to be knowledgeable on the Basic Under Chassis Repair to carry out their function as a prompt logistic support to the units of the Philippines Army in Panay and Negros Provinces. The 2- days of training were conducted at Camp Martin while on Oct 27, it was conducted BIT Automotive Technology Laboratory.
  • Closing Program with the LTC Flordeliza C. Bolhayon QMS, (GSC) PA and Capt. Roger A. Mallora, PA together with the Dean of CIT Dr. Rene L. Celda, Automotive Faculty, Trainer and CIT Extension coordinator Eng’r. Ma. Analie Celda in the 3-days training on the BASIC UNDERCHASSIS REPAIR held at Camp Martin Delgado, Iloilo last October 28, 2022

    Dr. Sammy Daitao, Faculty Trainer of Automotive Technology with the Philippine Army personnel demonstrated the hydraulic lifter operation.

Mr. Junry Ubag with Dr. Dammy Daitao introduced the operation brakes operation, Brake lines or hoses to the PA army personnel. The trainee identified the different brakes function. The training conduct last October 27, 2022 at ISAT U.

Dr. Jogie Cubar Demonstrating the BLEEDING APPARATUS FOR HYDRAULIC SYSTEM during the Extension Activity with 6th FSSU, ASCOM, PA at ISAT U Automotive Laboratory conducted last October 27, 2022


  • The College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA)-ARKINEERING: A Techno-Knowledge Transfer Program once again showed compassion to the community through helping the people of Barangay Ban-ag solve their water supply problem. Barangay Ban-ag in Alimodian, Iloilo is a geographically hilly place where source of potable water is difficult where the water source is far from the residential area, thus, becoming a challenge to the residents. To solve the said problem, the CEA with its partners stakeholders proposed a project entitled “Development of Barangay Ban-ag Water System”.
  • This project is a collaborative activity of the College of Engineering and Architecture, LGU of Alimodian, Department of Education Iloilo, and the Professional Organizations. The faculty of the five departments of CEA – Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronics Engineering (ECE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Civil Engineering (CE), and Architecture will lecture and give a series of trainings on basic plumbing, installation and maintenance of the equipment to be used for the project and other necessary skills and knowledge that can be of great use to the residents.
  • The Launching and Skills training of techno-knowledge transfer for the Development of Brgy. Ban-ag Water System was conducted on August 19, 2022 to August 20, 2022. It is a two-day-two-phases activity conducted by the faculty of CEA. The 1st day was the launching of the project and the Phase I skills training where the project was introduced to the beneficiaries/participants. The Phase is a Skills Training on Basic Plumbing and other Civil Works which was discussed by the faculty of CE and Architecture Department who were experts in the field, namely, Engr. Al Joevid B. Mirasol and Ar. Jose Rene Militante.
  • The 2nd day is the Phase II of the project which is the Augmentation/Supervision on the Implementation of Plumbing Activity. The CEA extension implementers supervised and assisted the residents on the  implementation of the water pumps to the water source. This includes measuring the distance from the water source to the water tank – that will supply water to the households in the area, to determine the length of the pipes to be used for installation. The rest of the installation of the pipes and pumps will be performed by the residents on the succeeding days which will be checked by the CEA faculty experts during the Phase III of the project.

Phase I – Skills Training on Basic Plumbing and other Civil Works

August 19, 2022


Phase II – Augmentation/Supervision on the Implementation of Plumbing Activity

August 20, 2022

  • BLT Midyear Partner’s Meeting Thirty seven principals, coordinators and BLT point person participated in the Busog, Lusog, Talino (BLT) Midyear Partner’s Meeting and Assessment held on December 26-27 at Jun Bee Garilva Recreation Center in Concepcion, Iloilo.The meeting-workshop was conducted to assess the half-year accomplishments, surface common learning and best practices, and com up an action plan to improve the implementation and achieve desired yearend targets both in qualitative and quantitative terms of the in-school feeding program.The ISAT U- ESD as an Area Implementing Partner of Jollibee Foundation’s BLT feeding program is managing 68 public elementary schools with a total of 2,371 pupil recipients in the city and province of Iloilo this SY 2012-2013.
  • “Pagkinasadya 2012”Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) Extension Services Division (ESD) held “Pagkinasadya 2012” last December 12, 2012 from 1-5P.M. at ISAT U Covered Gym. “Pagkinasadya 2012” is a gift giving and a community day activity of ESD in partnership with NSTP Class, CAS Council, Student Republic and Extension Student Volunteers to 153 ERDA Scholars and Parents.The Extension Services Division as an arm of the university in reaching out the community through quality services and programs beneficial to the people in the service area organizes community day every December of every year to give importance to the children of marginalized women who have no or limited access to quality education, employment and basic needs.This year, the 153 beneficiaries received gift packs of canned goods, noodles, rice, new slippers, clothing, fruits, and toys.During the gift giving, ESD, NSTP Class, CAS Council, Student Republic and ESV also turn over 50 gift packs plus 1 sack of rice to Brgy. Montinola, Jaro.Aside from gift giving, there were parlor games and other fun activities being held for the beneficiaries. Snacks were served to beneficiaries after the activity.
  • ISAT U Extended Help to Typhoon Pablo Victims The Iloilo Science and Technology University conducted relief operation to help the victims of Super Typhoon Pablo in Mindanao. The university coordinated with the ABS-CBN TV Patrol Iloilo, GMA Kapuso Network and Jaro Archdiocese Social Action Center (JASAC) to send the relief goods which includes 52 packs of canned goods, noodles, rice, slightly used clothing and cash donation.The super typhoon hit the country in December 6, 2012 leaving hundreds of casualties and thousands of homeless residents in Compostela Valley and other parts of Mindanao. In Iloilo, classes were suspended as Storm Signal No. 2 was raised by PAG-ASA.
  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES, CASH PROVISION OF SCHOOL UNIFORMS AND MISCELLANEOUS FEES FOR ERDA BENEFICIARIESThe Educational Research and Development Assistance (ERDA) Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) distributed a school supplies on August 16-27, 2012 and cash provision of school uniforms and miscellaneous fees on November 5-16, 2012 to the 402 recipients from elementary and high school students from partner schools and communities in Iloilo City and Province.Aside from this, five (5) sites of Pre-School classes were given a School Supplies and Workbooks and a fund of Php 1,645.00 per school for their Christmas Party. At present, 100 preschoolers benefited from this assistance.Our kindness and benefaction will go a long way in providing the children better education, and eventually, changes in the lives of their family and community.
  • ISAT U HOSTED PASUC VI EMC ANNUAL ASSEMBLY The Iloilo Science and Technology University hosted the PASUC VI EMC Annual Assembly cum Seminar-Workshop of PASUC VI Extension Managers Council, Inc. on December 6-7, 2012 at the WVCST New Board Room, La Paz, Iloilo city.Twenty Seven extension implementers from different state colleges and universities in Region VI participated the said activity. The activity was conducted to enhance the extension services of SUCs through networking and collaboration and update the members on the present status and activities of the council.
  • ISAT U HOSTED PASUC VI EMC ANNUAL ASSEMBLY The Iloilo Science and Technology University hosted the PASUC VI EMC Annual Assembly cum Seminar-Workshop of PASUC VI Extension Managers Council, Inc. on December 6-7, 2012 at the WVCST New Board Room, La Paz, Iloilo city.Twenty Seven extension implementers from different state colleges and universities in Region VI participated the said activity. The activity was conducted to enhance the extension services of SUCs through networking and collaboration and update the members on the present status and activities of the council.



  • The ISATU Extension Services Division, being the implementing arm of the university has been supportive to help sustain a green and healthy community.
  • The project started on September 2011 in partnership with Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR R6) and Dagami Association and Watershed Protection (DAWP). This was spearheaded by CEA Extension Council and participated by other colleges.
  • The project have the following component activities: tree planting, situational analysis of the barangay, livelihood skills trainings, training on disaster and rescue techniques, and other social services needed by the community such as education, health and nutrition, responsible parenthood and functional literacy.
  • At present, we have already planted 2000 Acacia, Narra, and Cansulog Mahogany, Bakan trees, 1,130 Jackfruit, Cacao, and Coffee fruit trees. The university shall provide protection and maintenance cost on two (2) tranches (50% on June and another 50% on December) for 5 years starting FY 2014. The total project cost is Php 50,000.00 for five (5) hectares including project monitoring cost.


  • The Balik-Paaralan is an educational program initiated by the Educational Research and Development Assistance (ERDA) Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the Iloilo Science and Technology University. Its main concern is to provide educational assistance to the deprived and depressed children which includes quitters, potential dropouts and street children in the city and province of Iloilo.
  • At present, ISATU sustained the educational program with 125 pre-school pupils, 400 elementary pupils, and 100 high school students.
  • Aside from the scholarship grant, parents and ERDA beneficiaries also received various livelihood skills trainings/seminars funded by ISATU. The parents are now accepting orders of aprons, uniforms, bags production and processed foods for clients from Region VI.


  • The “Project ESAT” is a skills training program for the transitioning of Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries to livelihood opportunities initiated by Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office VI and ISAT U Extension Services Division (ESD).
  • It aims to equip selected 4Ps beneficiaries with the knowledge and different skills they need in order to become financially independent through employment or simple business ventures; to provide opportunity to the faculty of the college to extend expertise and to develop a strong influence by the institution and partner agencies to the service area.
  • The program was launched on September 20, 2013, batch II commence on June 2015 and Batch III on May 13, 2016. the following trainings was requested by the DSWD: Commercial Cooking, Beauty Culture, Residential Building Wiring, Carpentry and Construction Painting, Masonry, Homemade Ice Cream Making, Hollow Blocks Making, Engine Tune-up and Lighting System and Basic Baking.


  • The Skills Training in Dressmaking and Tailoring is the third major project of ISATU in partnership with DOLE R6. it was implemented with primary purpose of helping the unemployed parents, out-of-school youth of selected barangays in Municipality of Oton and teachers of Tagbac Elementary School, Oton, Iloilo.
  • A total of Php 413,006.25 was allotted for the said project; Php 242,417.75 of which funded by DOLE, Php 104,288.90 funded by other stakeholders and Php 66,299.60 is the counterpart of ISATU.
  • The program was launched on November 14, 2014 with 35 beneficiaries from Barangays Tagbac Sur, Tagbac Norte, Trapiche, Botong, Sta. Monica and Sambaludan. At present, the Oton Dressmakers Association, Inc. received orders of uniform, laboratory gowns, bridal entourage, curtains, pillows, etc from Schools, Medical Center, Municipal Office and people in the community.


  • The “Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko” is a bloodletting activity of ISATU Extension Services Division in partnership with Philippine Red Cross – Western Visayas.
  • The program aims to save more lives of our fellows who are in need of blood transfusion during emergency cases and to respond on the existing demand of the community in the province and city of Iloilo.
  • The program conducted thrice a year (February, August, December) spearheaded by four (4) colleges and external campuses. The university was given a recognition of “Special Citation”, “Scroll of Honor” and “Platinum Award” during the PRC Recognition Day.


  • Mural Paintings is a community outreach program of Arkitekton Organization under the CEA Extension Council. Every year we celebrated the National Schools Maintenance Week specifically focuses on school sanitation and improving the schools of indigenous communities.
  • As stakeholder, the university planned to contribute their time, effort and resources for the repair work and clean-up activities to partner schools every year to extend students expertise.
  • The program started on June 2010. At present, we have already conducted the activity to 25 partner schools in Iloilo City and Province of Iloilo.


  • This program is in partnership with Fresh N’ Famous Foods, Incorporated. It was launched on June 2015.
  • This program engages young Filipinos to become involved in addressing communities’ most pressing concerns, while harnessing the spirit of barkadahan for positive action. Through this program, the youth will be inspire and engage to develop innovative solutions to public education challenges. The program aims to be an avenue through a meaningful approach.
  • The youth organization (Environmental Club, Technovator, College of Engineering and Architecture Student Council) assigned to 3 schools in City and Province of Iloilo and create projects that will help improve the learning and academic performance of the pupils in areas of English, Filipino, Math and Science.


  • The ISAT U PPIS (Improving Schools Achievement Through Unlimited Power Provision for the Island Schools) Project is in partnership with Jollibee Group Foundation, LGU of Concepcion and Department Of Education.
  • The program implemented in identified less fortunate families from different islands of Concepcion and Ajuy, Iloilo. The islands have no access to electricity even before typhoon Yolanda’s devastation. The foundation donated solar lanterns to the residents in some way will lift up the quality of life of the residents and the learning journey of the pupils.
  • It was launched on July 2016 and 441 solar lamps distributed to 7 schools identified. The beneficiaries will be orient on the technicalities of the product to ensure proper operation, care and maintenance. Periodic monitoring will be conducted to determine the status od each solar lamp unit.


  • The “REAP Project” is a skills training program for the fisher folks and farmers in Ajuy, Estancia and Concepcion, initiated by Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) Philippines in partnership with ISAT U Extension Services Division (ESD).
  • It aims to train men and women in different skills as an additional business enterprise to contribute to family income and to sustain the organization’s minimal need for external funding.
  • The program was launched on October 20, 2016, with 150 trainees in Preventive Maintenance (Small Gas and Diesel Engine), 40 trainees in Beauty Culture and 68 trainees in Meat and Fish Processing.