Executive Summary of the President’s Report

June 1, 2012-July 25, 2012


  • Hired 15 new regular faculty members, 77 part-time instructors for the 1st Semester of SY 2012-2013, and promoted 11 administrative and support service personnel.
  •  Carried out Administrative Council meeting last July 16. 2012 while the Academic Council on July 12. 2012 at the WVCST Function Room, tackling various matters.



A. Enrolment
Total enrolment of for the First Semester of SY 2012-2013 is 12,440 broken down as follows:

Main Campus 7,394
Satellite Campuses  
     Miag-ao Campus 2,860
     Dumangas Campus       597
     Barotac Nuevo Campus       673
     Leon Campus       916

Grand Total


B. Curriculum

  • Revised the Course syllabi for the Auto-Mechanical Department for the implementation of New Subject Codes for the Almanac.
  • Finalized the Guidance Program of the College.
  • Prepared instructional gadget in the shop for BIT Program.

C. Accreditation

  • An ISO Awareness Seminar was conducted in the main campus to all faculty and staff in preparation for the ISO 9001-2008 Accreditation of the BS Marine Engineering Program by the AJA.
  •  The Miagao campus conducted consultative and orientation meetings in preparation for the AACCUP Accreditation Survey of five (5) degree programs, i.e. BS Hotel & Restaurant Technology, BS Information Technology, BS Electronics Technology, BS Electrical Technology and BS Automotive Technology scheduled sometime in November 2012.

D. Scholarships/Industry Immersion

  •  Three (3) CEA faculty members are presently pursuing their Doctorate degree with two (2) under the WVCST Faculty and Staff Development Fund and one (1) under the DOST grant.
  • Ten (10) faculty and staff of Leon Campus are presently enrolled in the graduate programs
  • Two (2) CEA Faculty are presently on Industry Immersion-Overseas at their personal expense
  • Four (4) faculty members who availed of the Faculty and Staff Development Program graduated on March 2012.

E. Seminars Trainings and Conferences Attended


  • Twenty five (25) faculty and staff of the WVCST System attended national training/seminars/workshops held in different venues in the country.


  • Twenty-seven faculty members and two (2) administrative personnel attended regional seminars/trainings/workshops.


  • One hundred seven (107) faculty of main campus attended local seminars/workshops/trainings.
  • One hundred twelve (112) faculty and staff of the Miagao Campus attended in local (3) seminars/trainings conducted by the institution.

 F. Students Development

Main Campus

  • Conducted a scholarship orientation program to all scholars and Grantees
  • Developed a Manual for scholars and grantees and the Student’s Handbook.
  • Dialogued with the Student Republic on the Official PE Uniform as proposed for the “Standardization PE Uniform in Four Areas” this Academic Year 2012-2013.
  • Computerized the election of the Student Republic.

 OJT/Seminars Attended

  • Seven (7) students of the main campus were deployed for their on-the-job training in various  industries in Cavite while thirty-eight (38) in Iloilo areas.
  • Six hundred fifty-five (655) students were deployed for their on-the-job training by the Miagao campus in different training centers.
  • Twenty-five (25) new training centers were established apart from the already existing 104 centers


A . Completed Researches

  • Two (2) faculty researches were completed
  • Five (5)  student researches from the College of Engineering and Architecture were completed

B. Ongoing Researches

  • Four  (4) faculty researches in the main campus are in progress
  • Three (3) faculty researches in Leon Campus are in progress
  • Twenty-four (24)  student researches in the main campus are in progress

C. Research Outputs Dissemination

  • Six  (6) faculty research outputs were presented in international conferences/fora while four   (4)  in the national and two (2) in the regional.
  • Five (5) Instructional Materials produced by faculty members which were previously granted ISBNs were submitted to the National Library for copyright.



Conducted the following extension program/activities

  1. Five (5) Community Organization activities
  2. Three (3) Education programs
  3. Six (6) Socio-economic programs
  4. Two (2) Health and Nutrition programs
  5. One (1) Environmental program
  6. One (1) Social service program
  7. One (1) Monitoring and Evaluation


Awards and Citations

  • Two (2) Marine Engineering graduates ranked 10th Place in the Marine Engineer Officers Licensure Examination given on May 23 and 24, 2012 with a rating of 86.75%.
  • Six (6) graduates from the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) passed the Architects Licensure Examination (ALE) administered last June 8 and 12, 2012. WVCST registered a passing average of 40 per cent against the national passing rate of 50.69 per cent.
  • One (1) faculty member was elected president of the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC), Talisay City, Negros Occidental.
  • One (1) faculty member of the Mathematics Department received an award during the 65th Philam Life Anniversary in the Philippines at the Shangri-la Hotel, Makati City last June 21, 2012 for winning the Philam Life Story Writing Contest.  His winning story will be used by Philiam Life for TV Commercial and Print Ads.


General Administration and Physical Plant Development

  • Rehabilitation of WVCST ATM Center and Exit Way
  • Ongoing Installation of DBP ATM Teller Machine in addition to the already existing LBP ATM Teller Machine near the front gate.
  • Ongoing renovation of the Graduate School Office
  • Construction of BSHRT Service Center
  • Construction of College Library Phase 2
  • Construction of Room M-4 of the Engineering Department
  • Construction of the Entrepreneurial Lane Arcade (Aviary)
  • Rehabilitation of the WVCST Web Page
  • Construction of CR beside UNEVOC Park at the New Site
  • Construction of the Science (Drilon) Building extension classrooms for Mechanical Engineering