COE Research

Name of Faculty Title of Research Status
Prof. Ana Maria Denosta Factors Related to the Cohort Survival rate Among Engineering Sudents of WVCST SY 2013-2013. On-going
Georgia Demavibas The Effect of Worktext in Assessment. On-going
Georgia Demavibas & Gloria Oscares Factors Encountered by the Student Teachers in their off-campus Practice Teaching. On-going
Ma. Asuncion Asusina Echaveria Tracking of the College of Education Graduates SY 2006-2010 On-going
Ma. Asuncion Asusina Echaveria Freshers Profile SY 2009-2010 Completed
Ma. Asuncion Asusina Echaveria Coping Mechanism and Self-Esteem of Student Mothers Completed