COE Admission Policy

No Student shall be denied admission to the College by the reason of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, religious belief, political affiliation, conviction or ideology, provided that the College may allocate admissions to foreign students after all qualified applicants shall have been admitted.

Every applicant for admission shall undergo physical, mental and other relevant screening as prerequisite for admission. The Dean of the College shall have full responsibility to screen and select new students to be admitted to the curriculum.

                                                       ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS

The applicant must submit the following:

         A. Graduate Program (Ed.D., MSHE, MAIE)

  1. Appropriate Masters Degree for the Doctoral Program.
  2. For the master's appropriate bachelor's degree relevant to the master's degree to be pursued.
  3. A general weighted average of 1.75 or better.
  4. Honorable dismissal and Transcript of records.
  5. Study permit and accreditation by CHED of units earned for foreign students.
  6. Qualified in the admission test and interview.


        B. Undergraduate Program (BEED,BSED & BSIE)

  1. Form 138 (card or transcript of records) with an average grade of 85 or 2.0.
  2. Certification of good moral character signed by the school head or his authorized representative (for incoming 1st year);Honorable dismissal or Transfer Credentials (for transferees).
  3. Medical Laboratory result (X-ray, urine, stool).
  4. Qualified in the entrance examination, and teaching aptitude test.
  5. Articulate in both written and oral examination as shown in the interview score conducted by the committee.