College of Education


   S– Sincerity

           E– Effectiveness

                R– Responsiveness

V– Vitality


  Program Degree/Outcomes
    1. Articulated the relationship of education to larger historical, social, cultural and political processes. 2. Facilitated learning using a wide range of teaching methodologies in various types of environment. 3. Developed alternative teaching approaches for diverse learners. 4. Applied skills in curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, instructional delivery and educational assessment. 5. Demonstrated basic higher levels of thinking skills in planning, assessing and reporting. 6. Practiced professionalism and ethical teaching standards to respond to the demands of the community. 7. Pursued lifelong learning for personal and professional growth.
  •  To equip future teachers with adequate knowledge, skills and attitude in the field of scientific and technological education.
  • To implement relevant and updated teacher education curricula.
  •  To enhance research capabilities of faculty & student.
  •  To contribute to community development through outreach programs.
  •  To encourage innovations and promote production of goods and services.
  •  To provide advanced and relevant knowledge, skills and competencies needed by educational leaders and academics in improving the delivery of educational services.
  • To inculcate positive and desirable values among teachers and students as models of exemplary behavior.
  • To foster a strong sense of excellence, responsiveness and commitment.
  • To develop teaching competencies of teacher -education students along their specific fields of specialization.
  • To revise and upgrade the course content, course syllabi and instructional guides regularly.
  • To enrich capabilities of students and faculty members in conducting action researches.
  • To take active involvement in production jobs and entrepreneurial activities.
  • To instill desirable values and appropriate behaior as future moulders of the minds and hearts.