CIT Admission Policy

The College admits students who are of good moral character and have the required academic credentials. No Student shall be denied admission to the College by the reason of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, religious belief, political affiliation, conviction or ideology; provided that the College may allocate admissions to foreign students after all qualified applicants shall have been admitted. Every applicant for admission shall pass a thorough physical, medical and other necessary examinations as pre-requisite for admission.

The following heads of school shall have full responsibility to screen and select new students to be admitted to the different schools/programs/courses of the college: Dean, School of Graduate Studies Dean, College of Arts & Sciences Dean, College of Education Dean, College of Engineering Dean, College of Industrial Technology Principal, Laboratory School

Guidelines and Conditions

1. Applicants for freshmen in the ISAT University may be admitted on the basis of the following:

• Performance in the Entrance Examination administered by the Office of the Students Affairs.
• Quotas and other requirements as required by the specific courses/ college units set- up by the respective offices of the Deans.
• Satisfactory performance in high school.
• All colleges will require the applicants to undergo an interview.

2. Upon being informed of his/ her eligibility for admission, the students must submit the following credentials to the Dean’s Office within the designated period set by the respective colleges.

• Original form 138 (Report Card)
• Certificate of good moral character from the principal or from the Guidance Counselor.