In observance of the Annual 18 Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW), the Gender and Development (GAD) Center, conducted different activities spearheaded by GAD Director, Dr. Emily de la Cruz, from November 24, 2023 to December 7, 2023.

The18-Day Campaign started with the parade around the campus on November 24. “The Walk to End VAW” was participated by ISAT U Marching Band, the Student Republic and other Student Organizations.

A VAW Mural Painting was held on November 28-30, 2023, in which students from different Colleges took part. Painting the walls behind the GAD Center, students expressed their ideas on how to end Violence Against Women through their artistic skills and talent in painting.

A screening of a video on HIV/AIDS was available by appointment to all students, faculty and staff on November 28 – 30. This video screening was conceptualized for HIV/AIDS awareness.

On December 1, 2023, participants composed of students, faculty and staff showed their support to the campaign as they danced with gusto to the “Hataw for World AIDS Day at ISAT U Football Grounds. Dr. Harry Fundal, Head of the PE Department together with Dr. Dyna Remaneses led the group. Also on the same day, a Poster Making Contest for the students was held at the TLE Center while the Lecture on HIV-AIDS and Reproductive Health was conducted in the afternoon. Mr. Rodolfo Chin, Jr, a Registered Nurse and Health Promotion Officer II/ HIV & STI Surveillance Officer of Department of Health-Western Visayas, lectured on “HIV/AIDS Basics: An Overview, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments.” Meanwhile, Mr. Rey John Diono, also a Registered Nurse and a Technical Consultant-USAID-Reach Health Project, discussed the “Right Approach to Relationship and Sexual Health Education.”

On December 5, 2023, the vibrant spirit of creativity and skills of the students was again tested as they took part in the Dayaw Commpetition, Digital Meme Making Contest and Memes Interpretation Contest.


The Non-teaching personnel did not only stay as audience to all these activities. Instead, on December 6, 2023 they gave everyone a taste of their abilities as they joined the Digital Poster Making Contest. They also proved that they are not only good at office work but they can also be competitive in GAD Quiz Bee. These competitions were participated in by the non-teaching personnel from the Iloilo City Campus as well as that of the External Campuses.

The last day of the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW) was highlighted by activities participated by students from the different campuses of ISAT U. The Multi-Purpose Educational Center echoed with the powerful words of the 7th Annual GAD Spoken Poetry Contest and the harmonious melodies of the 2nd Annual Voice Choir Contest as talented students ISAT U campuses performed at their best in support to the activity.

The exciting 10th Annual GAD Quiz Bee- Students’ Edition took place in the afternoon of the final day setting a record of 38 participating teams. Questions on Gender and Equality and Anti Violence Against Women and Children were classified in three (3) categories – Easy, Average and Difficult. The teams with the highest scores for the 3 categories were automatically declared as winners and the rest got consolation prizes.



Here are the winners of the different competitions for the 18 –Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women:

1st Place –            Louise M. Belen (CEA)
2nd Place –          Nelson S. Grasparil (CEA)
3rd Place –           Kyla Ysabelle P. Dela Cruz (CAS)

Consolation Prizes
JC Ray Clement G. Jover (CIT)
Lui J A. Gulanes (CIT)
Jusef Albert E. Espin (CIT)

1st Place –            Joshua Vista (COE)
2ndPlace –           Jeroh Daanaoy
3rdPlace –            Rhadjan Louis Erta

1st Place –            Ma. Janica Paca – Anas (CAS)
2nd Place –          Timothy James Damaolao (CEA)
3rd Place –           Alex Eduard Deadio (CEA)

1st Place –            Yaeshen Villanueva (CEA)
2ndPlace –           John Christian Garcia (CAS)
3rd Place –           Justine Art Solinap (CIT)

1st Place –            Jephthah C. Sustituido (PICO)
2nd Place –          Ma. April Rose B. Tibudan (CIT)
3rd Place –           Jerome Gamarcha (MIAGAO)

Consolation Prizes
Rico Agustine Laurente (LIBRARY)
Ernesto C. Laguna (OSAS)
Bren Louise Tamagos (Library)

1st Place –            MIAGAO CAMPUS
Jan Marini Tumugdan
Bea Lorraine Toledo
Zenidine Depamaylo
2nd Place –          ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (RSD & VPEA)
Jessa Mae Lastimoso
Diona Mae Abario
Geraldine Jane Togle
3rd Place –           ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (IAS)
John Jee Jamore
Thea Well Rapista
Joana Maiko Acosta

1st Place –            Iloilo City Campus
Felrose Gervacio (BEED 1-B)
Ma. Lieziel Tacaisan (BEED 3-B)
2nd Place –          Barotac Nuevo Campus
Jexter  Panerio (BSED MATH 3-A)
3rd Place –           Barotac Nuevo Campus
Mavel Batisla-Ong (BTVTED CHS-4)

1st Place –            MIAGAO CAMPUS
2nd Place –          ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (CAS)
3rd Place –           ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (CIT)

1st Place –            ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (CAS)
Rosie Jill Cubita
Jescedale Ann Elicaña
Katherine Seblit
2nd Place –          ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (CAS)
Clarissa Faye Madredondo
Maria Beatriz Sambajon
Angela Corneza
3rd Place –           BAROTAC NUEVO CAMPUS
Justine June Durana
Junner Barquilla
Mea Diamante

Congratulations to all the winners!


The first night of December in Iloilo Science and Technology University Iloilo City Campus became colorful as the Administration turned on the Christmas lights on its trees, canopies and facade for the “Opening of Lights 2023” on Friday, December 1, 2023. Welcoming the Christmas month, the Opening of Lights was spearheaded by the University President, Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre, Jr. and the Vice Presidents which took place in front of the Administration Building at 5:30 P.M.

In his speech, Dr. Salistre emphasized that the opening of lights in the ISAT U Iloilo City Campus may serve as a light not just to illuminate the holiday season but also the path to a new year filled with blessings and academic achievements. He encouraged everyone to let the true essence of Christmas shine through a time of reflection, gratitude and the joyous celebration of the miraculous gift of Christ’s birth.  Dr. Salistre also hopes that the University Community becomes a reflection of love, understanding and the transformative power of knowledge.

Dr. Russ Allen B. Napud, Vice President for Administration and Finance, in his speech, expressed that this event symbolizes the unity and togetherness that define ISAT U Community. The glittering of lights, he said, serves as a visual testament to the bright minds and spirits that thrive within the ISAT U walls. He pointed out that no matter how simple the celebration may be, we must be reminded of the humility of our Savior, and that the significance of the celebration lies not in its grandeur but, more importantly, in the true spirit of Christmas – the joy of caring, understanding and giving.

Also part of the program are the ISAT U Performing Arts and the Marching Band who added colors to the festivity thru their songs and performances.

This remarkable event was made possible through the ISAT U Planning and Development Auxiliary Services Office whose electrical engineers facilitated the installation of lights. These lights will continue to illuminate the campus all throughout this year’s Christmas season.

Forging the Youth for a Resilient Future: A Student Seminar on Climate Change Action and Sustainability

“Addressing climate change is a global imperative that requires collective effort.”
As the Earth’s climate undergoes unprecedented shifts, school’s initiative in taking decisive action becomes crucial.
From reducing carbon emissions to promoting sustainable practices, initiatives inside school especially in universities aim to mitigate the impacts of climate change and safeguard the planet for future generations.
Last November 28-29, 2023 Iloilo Science and Technology University hold a Student Seminar on Climate Change Action and Sustainability with the theme “Forging the Youth for a Resilient Future”.
The student seminar has been a great contribution to the students knowledge about the university’s movement towards resiliency, and action towards sustainability. Indeed, the seminar has had injected a lasting impact on the students intuition about the environment and on what’s happening to it.
Take a glimpse at our chosen student ambassador as she share her key takeaways from the two-day climate change action forum.
During the 2-day seminar, I have gained a deeper understanding of the cause and effects of climate change. As a student, I find this seminar very helpful as it serves as an eye opener for all of us to take actions.
This seminar also provided me a comprehensive background about the RA 9729 or the Climate Change Act of 2009 and how the ISAT U complies to it. I have learned in this seminar how important it is to fully understand the concept of greenhouse effect before understanding and solving the rising issue about the climate change.

Iloilo marks historic feat as inaugural provincial host of national sci-tech week

Iloilo City cemented its reputation as the science and technology hub of the Visayas by marking another first – becoming the inaugural provincial host for the National Science, Technology, and Innovation Week (NSTW) from November 22-26.

This year’s theme, “Siyensya, Teknolohiya, at Inobasyon sa Kabalikat sa Matatag, Maginhawa, at Panatag na Kinabukasan,” anchored on the sustainable use of marine resources to create jobs and bolster the economy.

The opening ceremony held at the Iloilo Convention Center (ICON) was followed by interactive exhibits, talks and demonstrations, celebrating the research and development gains of DOST and the Filipino ingenuity across sectors. It also featured sub- events like the start – up jams, fyrside chats, and business development matching and pitching among others.

The Iloilo Science and Technology University, along with other universities in the region also participated by showcasing their research and development portfolio, and their recent wins in producing startups and spin offs that offer various solutions and options to industries and communities.

The University featured the Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center (RYPIC) in ISAT U Miagao, the Fabrication Laboratory, the Ground Receiving Satellite located in ISAT U Dumangas, its array of R&D products, and its vibrant research ecosystem that allows the university to become a progressive center for research, technology, and entrepreneurship.

“Through this integration of strengths across government, academe and startups, Team Iloilo can catalyze wider advancement, “remarked by ISAT U President Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre Jr.

The weeklong celebration was participated in by no less than DOST Secretary Renato S. Solidum, USec. Leah Buendia, DOST Region VI Director Dr. Rowen Gelonga and some other big and familiar names in the business, science, technology, and innovation world.

ISAT U Faculty, Student Designers hype 2023 Science & Tech Week

Iloilo Science and Technology University, College of Industrial Technology-Fashion and Wellness Department takes part in a series of intellectually stimulating events in this year’s celebration of National Science, Technology, and Innovation Week housed in Iloilo City.

The activity spearheaded by the Department of Science and Technology- Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI), kicked off with the opening of Hinabul Exhibit followed by lecture in Textile 101: Basic Textile Technology at Museo de Iloilo on November 22, 2023.

Faculty members, students and alumni of the Fashion and Wellness Department also took center stage as they showcased their sustainable creations in the Hinabul Exhibit which will run until November 26, 2023.

Capping the 1st day is a KatHabi Innovation Fashion Show, presenting collections from the Stitch-off National Streetwear Competition, ISAT U’s faculty, students and alumni, and known brands at Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Arts.

This unique showcase highlights the continued advocacy of the University in the promotion and utilization of the region’s natural textile fibers.

CIT’s Skills Olympics 2023 A Come Back: Showcasing Student Talent in Science, Technology, and Innovation

Spirit of competition and innovation rekindled as the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) hosted the return of Skills Olympics 2023 on September 8, 2023, following the pandemic hiatus. Housing the majority of trade courses in the University, CIT signifies that the event is the resurgence of an avenue that promotes the essential skills of students.

According to Dr. Rene L. Celda, CIT Dean, the event offers students the opportunity to exhibit their proficiency and expertise in a variety of vocational and technical fields. “This competition allows students to demonstrate their skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, giving them a chance to shine in their chosen trades,” said Dr. Celda. In a dazzling display of talent, innovation, and sheer determination, participating students put their skills to the test in a multitude of disciplines in the event with the theme, “Building the Future Through Science, Technology, and Innovation”.

Students compete in 26 different categories which include live sketching, portraiture, and a painting skills contest, emphasizing the importance of aesthetics and precision in design. The AUTO CAD 2D Drafting Skills Contest tested the student’s ability to translate their creative visions into detailed, two-dimensional drafts. In Electrical Technology, students demonstrated their prowess in Industrial and Commercial Wiring Installation. While Electronics Technology contestants fine-tuned their skills with precision and expertise in the Audio Set-Up category. Sparks were brought to the event as Welding and Fabrication Technology enthusiasts showed their mastery of the GAS Metal Arc Welding Process. Contests like Plate Welding 1G and Plate Welding 2G challenged the students to create strong, lasting connections through their craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, students in Automotive Technology illuminated their proficiency showcasing mastery of the automotive lighting system, alternator, and starter motor technologies. At the same time, the HVACR participants demonstrated their expertise in Commercial Air-conditioning Installation and Commissioning.

The competition continued as Hospitality Management and BIT Food Technology showcased the culinary and service excellence of students through the Fruit and vegetable Carving, Bartending, and Napkin Folding contests. While, the BS in Tourism Management participants redefined how to explore and understand the world, offering a glimpse into the future of tourism in the Virtual Tour Guiding category. Entrepreneurial aspirations also came to life in the BS Entrepreneurship segment with the Video Advertisement Competition.

Cosmetology Technology pushed the boundaries of beauty standards paving the way for new trends in the industry, students demonstrated their expertise in the art of beauty through commercial makeup for women and creative nail art. Fashion and Apparel Technology enthusiasts exhibited their talents through draping online models, while the Fashion and Design Merchandizing participants were challenged to express their creativity through conceptual fashion illustrations. The Computer Technology segment played a pivotal role in shaping the future through digital art, web design, and computer programming. Completing the contest categories are the Civil Technology contestants in carpentry and plumbing, ensuring that the infrastructure of the future remains robust and reliable.

The Skills Olympics’ return is not just a competition but a testament to resilience and adaptability. It reaffirms the college’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and preparing students for successful careers in trades that are fundamental to society. As students compete and exhibit their skills, they contribute to the ongoing growth and development of these vital sectors, ensuring that excellence in trade remains at the forefront of the future.


ISAT U concludes pre-testing of BNEO modules

The Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) concluded its pre-testing of modules for the Barangay Newly Elected Officials Basic Orientation Course at the Eon Centennial Waterworld Resort Hotel, Jaro, Iloilo City.

The pre-testing was conducted in three stages. The first one was held on October 19 – 20 at the HRT Service Hotel with personnel from the DILG VI and the Local Government Academy (LGA) serving as participants. The 2nd and 3rd stages were held at the Eon Centennial Hotel with barangay officials categorized as rural, urban, and large groups joining as participants on October 25 – 28, 2023.

ISAT U was tapped by the DILG VI and LGA to help develop modules covering the topics on the 2023 BNEO Framework Orientation, Salient Features of Republic 7160, Barangay Development Planning, Barangay Budget Process, Barangay Based Institutions and Volunteerism, and Public Ethics and Accountability. The development of modules and training are part of the activities under the 2023 BNEO Framework, intended to capacitate new barangay officials in the performance of their duties and functions.



DILG VI Division Chief, Christian Nagaynay emphasized the value of the participants’ inputs during the activity as these will be used to further enhance the module in preparation for its eventual national rollout. Dr. Marlon Ladia, LGOO V, presented the new 2023 BNEO Framework to the participants and highlighted the importance of knowing what to do during the first one hundred days of being a public servant.


ISAT U President Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre, Jr. reiterated the commitment of the University to help barangay officials in their governance and administration as the frontline in the delivery of basic services to the people. “The Barangay is the most critical frontline unit that translates national policies into tangible community impact. Hence, it is imperative that you are empowered with the requisite knowledge and skills to serve your constituents effectively and dutifully” said Dr. Salistre.

The University is set to deliver the complete set of modules including a slide deck, training plan, session and activity plan, and the suggested rollout strategies as part of its commitment.

ISAT U’s Fashion Design Students Triumph in the First Stitch-Off National Streetwear Competition

In a groundbreaking and highly competitive event, students from ISAT University secured victory in the inaugural Stitch-Off National Streetwear Competition of the Department of Science and Technology- Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) on October 26, 2023.

Team of Seth Amuel Abellano and Izakiah Feril, representing the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) under the Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandizing program, have emerged as the ultimate winners, competing against renowned academic institutions across the country, elevating the university to national recognition.

The winning collection entitled “Threads of Heritage” depicts the story of Filipinos, intricately woven into the evolution of fashion. It is a tale of adaptation and transformation, where the past meets the future. Each piece in the collection represents identity of people with deep sense of pride in their roots, love for the culture and the unwavering commitment to progress.

Also, adding to the University’s pride is the team of Richard Talipan and Jarre Silvestre who made it to the top 12 finalist. Talipan and Silvestre are both on their 1st year taking up BIT major in Fashion and Apparel Technology and BS in Fashion Design and Merchandizing respectively.

The freshmen’s collection entitled “Luyung” came from a hiligaynon term to wander or roam around encapsulating the spirit of exploration and adventure in the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines. Each piece in the collection showcases unique patterns and styles reflecting the free-spirited nature of those who embrace a wandering lifestyle.

According to Dr. Edith P. Gonzales, Department Head of the Fashion and Wellness, best among the best students were chosen to represent the institution.

“The University is very supportive in providing students the need to enhance and showcase their skills. Therefore, the department let more students attend the bootcamp prior the competition and trained pool of student applicants. At the end, the best among the best were chosen to join the activity,” Dr. Gonzales said.

Further highlighted in this triumph is the University’s commitment to nurturing young talent, providing them with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities they need to shine. It’s a testament to its dedication to excellence and mission to empower the youth.

The Stitch-Off National Streetwear Competition, a highlight of the DOST’s National Youth Science, Technology, and Innovation Festival (NYSTIF), served as a platform for young, dynamic minds to showcase their remarkable talents and delve into the intersection of textile science and fashion.

This also proves students’ ability to blend science, technology, and art seamlessly. It provided a unique platform for the budding fashion designers to redefine Philippine textiles with their STI-driven innovations.

(Photos from DOST-PTRI)
Written by: Tiffany Anne Tan
PICO Coordinator, College of Industrial Technology

Badiangan presents best Local Economic Dev’t Business Plan to revive ginger industry

The Municipality of Badiangan, Iloilo was given the chance to present its winning proposal during the national launching of the Recovery Initiatives For Sustained Local Economy (RISE) Program of DILG at Diversion 21 Hotel.

The proposal, aptly called ‘One Badiangan’ contains a comprehensive framework of analysis of existing conditions, activities, technology and innovations to be used, financial requirements and other step by step procedures to jumpstart the revival of the ginger industry.

The initiative capitalizes on the former glory of the municipality as the ‘ginger capital’ and its notable variety of ginger grown in the area. The packaging of the proposal was built under the LED process of making the LGU as an enabler of local development, growth, and progress.

Hon. Mayor Suzette Mamon during her presentation emphasized the need for a “collective identity and ownership of the people of Badiangan” as an important ingredient in this endeavor.


Badiangan, Iloilo was the assigned LGU for the LED Coaches of Iloilo Science and Technology University, namely, Dr. Heinz B. Gumaquil, Dr. Richard C. De Leon, Dr. Steve A. Laster, and Prof. Vincent Rhiyn S. Amalay.

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Iloilo Science and Technology University Honored for Outstanding Partnership in Employment Initiatives

Iloilo City, September 28, 2023 –Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) has been acknowledged for its efforts, in enhancing the employability of its students and alumni through a partnership with the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) during the 2022 Governors Award: Provincial Search for Best PESO event held at Zuri Hotel, Iloilo City. ISAT U was recognized as one of PESO’s collaborators and partners in the region.

The University received an appreciation award for its support in bridging the gap between education and employment. The OIC Director of Industry Linkages and Development Office, Mr. Francis Fritz B. Esportono, accepted the award in recognition of their dedication to improving the lives of ISAT U students and alumni.

The collaboration between ISAT U and PESO has made contributions to providing job opportunities for graduated students. This aligns with PESO’s mission to empower job seekers and bring changes to the community.

The award underscores ISAT U’s commitment to equipping its students and alumni with skills and resources for success, in today’s job market. This acknowledgment emphasizes the role that ISAT U plays in shaping the future of its students and alumni and making an impact on the employment landscape in Iloilo City and nearby regions.

By collaborating with PESO and similar programs, ISAT U remains at the forefront of equipping individuals for a promising career ahead.