Iloilo Science and Technology University
for work with dignity
Molding the youth, to serve humanity
Building manpower to propel industry

Wisdom in science and knowledge management
Values and skills that spell development.
With grandiose goals, the citizens are trained
To realize the nation’s Fondest dream

Chorus I:
Your greatness spread, no ill forebode
Guiding us well through life’s crossroads
Our faithful guide, with heart so pure
We persevere, boldly with footsteps sure.

Chorus II:

With grateful hearts eager to grow
Our minds unfold for lives anew
Dear Alma Mater, ever true
Beloved ISAT U

Your hallowed ground and portals all aglow
Frontiers of things we need to know and do
Educating everyone who passes through
Upholding virtues that make our dreams come true.

Soaring high we go, development we do
Waving with pride, that banner gold and blue
Iloilo Science and Technology University
champion of industry

Chorus II:

With grateful hearts eager to grow
Our minds unfold for lives anew
Dear Alma Mater, ever true
Beloved ISAT U

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Hail to our Alma Mater dear
You trained us to be skilled technicians
We raise our voices loud and clear
In praise of thee and thy diadem
In our day’s work we’ll do our best
To reap success and glory
By manning Philippine industry
Proud indeed we shall always be.

With affection we shall sing
Ardent hearts as nation builders
Human dignity we’ll all maintain
As technologists, scientists, teachers

Your dreams in us will never fade
We’ll gladly take the goal you have made
The Philippines we will elevate.

You help our country grow and prosper
Mem’ries of thee shall never fade
In our hearts we’ll keep forever…

Repeat Chorus

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WVCST Centennial March

Beneath the blue, west visayan skies
A college greets our misty eyes
Its banner high of gold and blue
Shimm’ring its lovely hue

As scientists and technologists
We hold your banner high and pride
The love of labor, honor and service
Its clarion call for a hundred years

We are strengthend by abiding faith
Bestow your love ‘slong as we live
We honor, and love you

Repeat I & II

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ISAT Diamond Jubilee March

Tradeans arise and let us sing today
Loud praises for Alma Mater Dear
A noble task thru’ the years she’s made
Iloilo School of Arts and Trades

A school committted to a worthy cause
The youth that she trained for the nation’s growth
She’s kept in stride with the march of time
Every pushing on for all mankind

Come join today, this jubilee
A toast to greet I-S-A-T
So may it be, our goal today
To raise her name to greater glory.

Seventy five years of service
That knows no bound with race or creed
That ISAT noble spirit still
On her Diamond Jubilee year!

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